How to Save Money on Your Disney World Hotel Budget

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Disney World Hotel Budget: Planning a budget-friendly Walt Disney World vacation all starts with where you sleep. The cost of staying overnight at Walt Disney World can be astronomical. But it doesn’t have to be so expensive. Part of the allure of Walt Disney World is the comfort of always being inside that Disney bubble. Going outside of it can be inconvenient, and the quality of the experience can vary.

On the other hand, you can find respectable hotels very close by that offer an excellent deal on price. The difference between staying at a decent off-property resort and a deluxe Disney hotel can be $300+ per night. Here is a quick overview of resort comparisons to help with your Disney World hotel budget

How to Save Money on Your Disney World Hotel Budget

Your Disney World Hotel Budget

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Off-Site Hotels

The least costly places to stay in the Orlando area are going to be off-site hotels. They may be close to the border of Walt Disney World, but try to keep in mind how vast the property is, If you stay off property, it’s worth it to find out which hotels offer complimentary shuttle service.

One positive is staying off Disney property, besides budget, is that it is easier to visit other Orlando destinations without having to leave Walt Disney World. According to TripAdvisor, which is Walt Disney World’s official travel review site, many of the highest-rated hotels offer one and two-bedroom suites available for about $100. Some top-rated hotels have standard rooms available for far less.

On-Site Non-Disney Hotels

You can enjoy the distinction of staying on Disney property, but without the Disney brand. Many respectable hotels are an easy option to consider near DisneySprings. You can save a significant amount of money and get more value from these hotels, such as DoubleTree, Holiday Inn, and more. Not all non-Disney hotels are inexpensive. The Four Seasons near the Magic Kingdom is a huge luxury hotel.

Disney Value

The value resort tier may be more than what the cost of a non-Disney resort is, but it comes with benefits such as early Fastpass selections and Extra Magic Hours. As Disney resorts go, the Value resorts do save a lot of money. All-Star hotels are the most basic, but the Pop Century and the Art of Animation add a little bit more pizzazz to your stay. We stayed at All Star and it was great! Art of Animation especially gives excellent value with family sweets and lots to do in the resort. Value Resorts start at around $99 per night.

Disney Moderate

There are only a few Moderate resorts. They are modest but intricately themed. They have less ease of transit, but the complementary buses are accessible. Port Orleans has a boat service that transports you to Disney Springs. Caribbean Beach has access to the Skyliner gondola system. Moderate resorts cost upwards of $198 per night.

How to Save Money on Your Disney World Hotel Budget

Disney Deluxe

The top of the line resorts has the best park access, either by walking, boat or Monorail. Most of them are conveniently located close by. The only exceptions are Animal Kingdom Lodge and Saratoga Springs. A Deluxe resort room has a starting price of $363.

How to Save Money on Your Disney World Hotel Budget

Bottom Line: Disney World Hotel Budget

You can find a range of prices for your hotel stay, but try to keep in mind how long you plan on staying in your actual room. We wanted to make the most of our trip so we spent most of our time at the parks. You can also consider AirBnB—there are some really nice Disney-themed ones. Grab a $40 off coupon, plus $15 off an excursion here.

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