The Best Spots to Take Photos at Disney World

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Photos at Disney World: The best souvenirs to bring home from Walt Disney World are the photos of shared memories that make a Walt Disney World vacation so special. With a camera on everybody’s phone and professional Disney photographers found everywhere in the Disney parks, there are plenty of opportunities to snap some memorable shots.

Being that it is Disney World, the backdrop of the photo serves as a very important element in the memory or story you are trying to create. Here are some of the best photo backdrops at Walt Disney World that you can use on your next trip.

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The Best Spots to Take Photos at Disney World

The best spots to take photos at Disney World are:

1. Picture Spots

The Best Spots to Take Photos at Disney World—Thunder Mountain!

One of the best ways to ensure that you have an excellent photo to remember your vacation by is to have the backdrop is one of the famous Nikon picture spots. Each park has spots that have been designated picture spots because of their noteworthy scenic quality.

In the Magic Kingdom, you could take a picture with Big Thunder in the background. At Epcot, your background would be an English garden. These picture locations have some of the best views in Walt Disney World.

2. Instagram Walls

Beginning with the Purple Wall in Tomorrowland, Instagram Walls have taken off to be a smash success for Disney—be sure to use the hashtag #DisneyWall! Other similar walls have popped up in Epcot at Spaceship Earth, but the interest in the walls has expanded. Now there are exciting walls that show more than mere colors and geometric shapes. The newer instagram walls reveal textures and phrasing to make the composition of your selfie even more impressive.

3. Disney Springs Welcome Center

One way to get a lot of great photos is with Memory Maker. It’s not too expensive for the type of experience you get. With Memory Maker, you have access to all Photopass downloads. You can get these done in key locations where you find Photopass cast members.

One excellent place to get your money’s worth out of the package is the Welcome Center at Disney Springs. This location in the Disney Springs town center. When you go here you will find a Photopass station set up with a series of backdrops you can choose. You can also make use of the Christmas backdrops to make a fun family photo for your Christmas card.

4. Classic Attractions

Classic attractions make great backgrounds. Lots of rides in Walt Disney World take your photo, now. A lot of them have really cool backdrops. You can also take your photos outside an attraction and let it fill the background in the shot. Big facades and kinetic structures make for the most interesting photos.

5. Weenies

The Best Spots to Take Photos at Disney World

You’re probably thinking…what in the world is a weenie and what does it have to do with photos at Disney World? First of all, some of the best photos at Disney World are the famous weenies found throughout the parks. A weenie is how Walt Disney referred to a structure in the park that served as a focal point and would draw people in. “Weenie” referred to the hot dogs Walt’s maid made for him when he got home, and his little dog would follow him around with the weenie in his hand.

Any place in the park that lets you know, “this is exactly where I need to be,” or “I’ve finally made it to Disney” serves as a “weenie.” Cinderella Castle may be the world’s most famous weenie, but all of the Disney parks have them. The Tower of Terror is one. So is Spaceship Earth at Epcot and the Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom.

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The Best Spots to Take Photos at Disney World

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