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Who is Kathy Haan

Hey there, woman who wants to do, see, and be #allthethings.

Welcome home.

Someday, they’ll call me Lady Katherine. For now, you may call me Kathy. 

Much like you, I’m in the pursuit of an idyllic life. I’m a wife,  mom of three, business coach, staff writer, content creator, blogger, and podcaster.  

My mission here at Idyllic Pursuit is to show women how to create a life they love

I started blogging in 2012 because I wanted to share with women how exactly I lost 123 lbs in just over a year. I was answering the same questions day-in an day-out: 

  • What did you eat?
  • Did you workout?
  • Did you have stretch marks?
  • What about loose skin?

By blogging my journey, I was able to provide a resource for women struggling with health and fitness. Not only that, but I was kept accountable. Over time, I came to realize that a health and fitness journey was more than calories in, calories out. There were so many more factors involved – particularly, emotions. 

I didn’t find myself close to 300 lbs because I loved myself and my life. In fact, I suffered from crippling depression, PTSD, anxiety, and suicidal ideations.

Over the year it took me to lose my weight, I caught a glimmer of something – someone – different. As the weight melted, so did my mental health problems. 

Seeing such a radical change in a short period of time led me to desiring something so much more from my blog. I began to show women how they can live the good life. Idyllic Pursuit morphed into a lifestyle blog focusing on life, money, travel, home, and food. 

If this is your first time visiting, I’d love for you to get to know me better. If you’ve got lots of time, start by reading my depression story, and then read about how my fitness transformation helped me find love again, or about my challenges raising a son with Sensory Processing Disorder. My hope is that these posts will inspire, challenge, and change you for the better.


Our mission objective at showing women like you that the secret to telling a great story is living one. We want to show you the magic of possibilities – that it is possible to live a life far bigger than your wildest dreams. 

We do this by teaching money making strategies (the change-the-trajectory-of-your-life-kinda-money), sharing delicious recipes, ways to be a better parent, practicing self care, and creating memories through adventure travel. 


Money at
I am a firm believer in having your cake and eating it, too. We’ll show you simple tips for paying down debt, increasing your income, and budgeting for the things you love. We’re all about an abundance mindset here!
Life at
We’re firm believers in a life well-lived. You’ll find all kinds of tips to create a happy, healthy life: spending more time with the ones you love, parenting, style, health and wellness, creating balance, mental health, self care… and everything in-between.
Travel at
The secret to telling a great story is living one. Traveling to 21 countries in just 18 months, we are passionate about exploring other cultures and expanding our worldview. You’ll find practical tips on luxury, family, and budget travel. Including travel guides and trip reports – you’ll be sure to fuel your wanderlust here!
Home at
Home is where you hang your heart. We share tips on entertaining, DIY’ing, crafts, homesteading, cleaning, decluttering, and everything to keep your home in order.
Food at
We’re big foodies, and want to share our secret recipes with you! From simple 5 ingredient family meals to elaborate, gourmet concoctions. We’ve got a motto in our home: you’ll never leave hungry!

Kathy Haan

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