25 Household Coupons to Save You Lots of Money

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Where to find household coupons

When you think of coupons, do you think of coupons for food? Most people do! And while food-related coupons make up a bulk of the coupons out there, the truth is there are coupons available for common household items you use every day. So even if you are brand loyal when it comes to food and don’t often find the coupons you need, take a look below at 25 everyday household coupons to save you money!

Household coupons to find include:

1. Light bulbs
2. Carpet cleaning services/carpet cleaning solution
3. Furniture dusting spray/glass cleaning spray/ drain cleaner/kitchen cleaners
4. Tile and tub cleaner/toilet bowl cleanser
5. Toothpaste/toothbrushes/floss/electronic toothbrushes/mouthwash
6. Bath soap/shampoo/shower toiletries
7. Batteries
8. Clothing/Outerwear/Socks/Shoes
9. Paper towels/napkins/paper products
10. Candles/wax warmers
11. Dishwashing/Laundry Detergent
12. Make up/Cosmetics/nail polish/polish remover/manicure products
13. Shoe insoles/Foot care products
14. Eyeglass cleanser/Contact solution
15. Disposable dishware/paper plates/plastic cutlery/plastic cups
16. Sponges/Scrubbers/Toilet bowl wands
17. DVDs and Blu Ray movies
18. Room Spray/Air fresheners/car air fresheners
19. Band aids/first aid items/first aid medications
20. Vitamins/Supplements
21. Furnace filters
22. Interior and Exterior paint
23. Kids toys and games
24. Oil changes/car cleaning/car wash
25. Baby wipes/medicines/teething supplies/diapers/essential care items for baby

Now that you know 25 household items you can find coupons for, you might be wondering where in the heck to find these coupons. You have a few options when it comes to coupon hunting, and here are a few suggestions to get you started:

For clothing, home goods, toys, and baby accessories, check Target’s online coupon offers or Cartwheel offers. They often give digital and printable coupons for these items since Sunday circulars don’t. Your Sunday circular is ideal when looking for coupons for cosmetics, toiletries, seasonal items, and cleaning products. You will also find a great deal of paper product coupons in these circulars.

Printable resources such as Coupons.com are always a wise choice, as you can find coupons for common household items you use each day as well as coupons for services found in your area. Local newspapers and publications are also a hot spot for coupons good on car care, oil changes, and other auto and household services you may need.

If you still have household items you are in need of coupons for, contact the maker directly. Look for a 1-800 number on the packaging or look for a contact email. You can always contact them and ask what coupons might be available at this time. If you are more comfortable asking though their website, look for a contact form or see if there are any printable coupons available on their website.

Another thing you should do is comparison shop for products. There are niche sites specific to certain types of products that not only give detailed reviews, but they usually include where to find a product. For example, we used the iPropertyManagement website when looking for a HEPA air purifier. We installed one after our home flooded because we wanted to take care of toxins and any airborne microns since you can’t remove these just by vacuuming.

Clipping coupons isn’t just for food and beverage products, as you can truly find coupons for many other items you use in your home as well. Consider this list the next time you go on a coupon hunt, so you can keep your eyes peeled for coupons on the common household items you use each and every day.

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