20 Tips for Living Your Best Life Ever

20 Tips to Live Your Best Life, Ever!

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Ready For Your Best Life, Ever?

Now that we’re in fourth quarter, I’m starting to take a look back at my productivity this year. Last year was kind of a blur because my dad died – I lived in such a perpetual fog. This year, however, has been nothing short of amazing.20 Tips for Living Your Best Life Ever

I’ve traveled, a lot.

I met incredible, life-changing women who empower, uplift, and encourage. {This is huge – they’re now some of my closest friends!}

I’ve forgiven, blessed, and released relationships that no longer serve me.

I was a finalist for The Pitch.

I won some really incredible things {serious – like a laptop, trip for two to NYC with all expenses paid, etc}

I’ve grown.

I got to see some of my favorite speakers LIVE and UP CLOSE, ever {Oprah, Marie Forleo, Eckhart Tolle, Gabby Bernstein, Amandla Stenberg, Matt McGorry, Mayim Bialek, Sheryl Crow, Caroline Myss, Cheryl Strayed, India.Arie, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Kerry Washington, Lori Anne Loughlin, Katherine Schwarzenegger, Kim Kardashian West, Pat Flynn, Kandee Johnson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr., + many others!}

Kathy Haan with Matt McGorry
Yep, that’s OITNB’s Matt McGorry!
Kathy Haan and Katherine Schwarzenegger at BlogHer16
Katherine Schwarzenegger is even more beautiful and elegant IRL

My Success & Business Coaching has taken off.

My blog has grown by leaps and bounds.

I’m almost done with my pre-requisites for my PhD program {for those of you who missed that memo – I’m a seminary graduate student}.

I’ve rebranded, and am living life unapologetically.


My life hasn’t been ALL glamorous, though!

There have been so many late nights. I’ve slept on the floor of JFK because I arrived to NYC in the middle-of-the-night and didn’t want to navigate the Subway at that hour by myself. When leaving NYC, I had to check out of my AirBNB by 11am, but didn’t fly out until that night so I walked around the city with all of my suitcases. What made it worse? I had zero reception because of all the skyscrapers and couldn’t find a pharmacy for some desperately-needed feminine hygiene products.

We had one of our trees fall on our neighbor’s shed after a storm.

Christian, my toddler, had a chipped tooth that got infected so he had to have emergency oral surgery to remove it.

My health has been hit and miss – but I am so thankful that most of my days have been pretty good.

So, what’s been my secret? How have I been able to accomplish so much this year? Below, I’ll share with you some of my tips and tricks to help you be happier, more organized, and finish out the year so much stronger!

20 Tips to Live Your Best Life, Ever

  1. Watch what you put into your body. Eat to FUEL your body. I’m serious! Limit the junk food and indulgences. Swap out things you’d normally consume for healthier things. For example, I used to be addicted to sugar-laden energy drinks and pop. I’ve since switched to tea.  20 Tips for Living Your Best Life Ever
  2. Read some personal development books. Don’t just read them – FINISH them, and re-read them. I’m partial to The Science of Getting Rich, plus all of these. <—
  3. Clean out your inbox (all of ’em – even that inbox you’ve had since the 7th grade. Yes, that one. The one with the really embarrassing email address).
  4. If you own your own business, ask “Who else can do this?” [ctt_author author=”1792″ name=”Kathy Haan” template=”3″ link=”gW186″ via=”yes” ]Ask yourself “Who else can do this?” Delegate. Hire a personal assistant. A virtual assistant. A housekeeper. All of ’em? @IAmKathyHaan[/ctt_author]
  5. Toss out expired makeup. If you’re like most women, you probably have a few pieces that are 10+ years old. Get rid of it.
  6. Clean out your closet! Only keep statement pieces that truly bring you joy.
  7. Book a ticket to somewhere — anywhere, overseas. Might I suggest somewhere in Asia? The most expensive thing will be the ticket, but otherwise your money can go a long way once there! Or even better yet, give purpose to your trip. Book a private coaching intensive!
  8. Write a letter to someone that has really burned you – someone who doesn’t deserve the letter. Then burn it. Forgive, bless, and release.
  9. Make all the necessary doctor appointments – NOW. Dermatologist, psychologist, dentist, routine exams (like a mammogram), etc.
  10. Take a long drive somewhere for the weekend with the family and forget your laptop and phone at home. Be present.
  11. Take a really good look at your finances. Are you avoiding debt collectors? Do you owe someone money? Figure out your budget and make a plan to pay it all, even if you have to make payments. A queen accepts full responsibility for her finances and leaves no one hanging – even the hospital or doctor’s office. [ctt_author author=”1792″ name=”Kathy Haan” template=”3″ link=”64V65″ via=”no” ]A woman who fully appreciates and values herself will never let her bank account get to zero.[/ctt_author] If that was a hard pill to swallow, please read The Science of Getting Rich and Think and Grow Rich. You can get them using my affiliate link here and here. When finished, please read them again. And if you still think I’m wrong, read them one more time before you leave me a nasty email;)
  12. Buy yourself a beautiful bouquet.
  13. Reverse-engineer your goals. I’m not talking little goals, either. I’m talking HUGE, CHANGE THE TRAJECTORY OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE-TYPE GOALS. 
  14. Invest in a coaching program.
  15. Start a business. If you need help with this, see #14.
  16. Get carbon monoxide and smoke detectors for every level in your home and make sure they work properly. This is a priority – TWICE this year a carbon monoxide detector has saved our livesLiterally. If it weren’t for the detector, we would not have woken up after going to bed those nights. If you follow nothing else on this list, please follow this one. You owe it to your family to heed this advice. No excuses. If you do not have them and get them, please comment below. It will make me feel better that I’ve potentially saved your life.
  17. Get a mani, pedi, and your hair done. I’m giving you permission to take care of yourself and feel good. You deserve it.
  18. Get a planner and use it.
  19. Tell your children every single day how much you love and appreciate them. Could you imagine what our world would look like in 10 years if every parent told their children how loved, appreciated, and valued they were before bed? That child would go to bed feeling like they’re on top of the world.

    Learn to hustle in faith
    My daughter at 2
  20. And lastly, meditate. I know that some of you are probably thinking it’s way too “woo-woo,” but please hear me out on this. Since I’ve started meditating, I no longer require anxiety medication. This may be a coincidence, it may not, but this is just my personal experience with it {so if you must, take it with a grain of salt}. I used to have crippling and debilitating anxiety – so bad that I had FMLA for it, and I’d call in to work for 12 weeks at a time. I’d have panic attacks leaving a voicemail on our call-in line at work – and I didn’t even have to talk to anybody! My kids love meditating with me, too! Heather Regan has a podcast on iTunes with a lot of amazing meditations. My fave is the abundance meditation.

I sincerely hope that you find value in the suggestions I’ve made. If you have any other suggestions, I’d love to hear them below.


Kathy Haan

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