Make meal prep fun again at

Make Meal Prep Fun Again

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Remember that time I was close to 300 lbs? Just a couple of years prior I was half that size…having babies can do that to you! The catalyst that fueled my weight loss journey was when I couldn’t fit on a roller coaster at Adventureland. I squeezed myself into the seat and was in excruciating pain for the entire 2-minute ride, all because I didn’t want to embarrass myself or my kid by getting off the ride.

In a little over a year, I had lost 123 lbs. During that process, I learned a lot about food, health, mindset, and fitness.

Our entire family started being a lot more mindful about food – not just how much we ate, but really…WHAT we ate. Gone were the days of eating an entire sleeve of cookies. I began preparing my food in-advance every Sunday. It was calculated, meticulous, and at times mind-numbingly boring (I swear, if I had to eat another bland chicken breast. GAH!)

Make meal prep fun again at

Meal prep doesn’t have to be bland or boring or any of the other things you hate about it. Find what works for your family! For ours, we love Tai Pei Single Serve Entrees.

Why it’s delicious (and way better than the same ol’ same ol’):

Flavor-infused rice, and real, fresh ingredients using no preservatives or artificial ingredients

Make meal prep fun again at idyllicpursuit.comMake meal prep fun again at

You can find where Tai Pei single serve asian food entrees are near you here (you’ll find ’em in the frozen food section). There are a ton of options, and it’s quick to make right in the microwave.

Tai Pei is also having a giveaway for 10 – $100 Walmart gift cards, so if you win, you can stock up on all the meal prep stuff you need!

Tai Pei Sweepstakes 
I-C will randomly select 10 winners from all program entries and will facilitate fulfillment of the winning prizes.

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