How to dress up a gift card at

How to Dress Up a Gift Card

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Giving a gift card makes Christmas shopping super easy, but if you’re anything like me {keyword: EXTRA}, you can’t just give ’em a gift card.How to dress up a gift card at

How do you make it extra special?

Here are some fun ideas:

  • Spa gift card: pair the gift card with yummy-smelling lotions, bath soaks, a magazine, a bottle of wine, chocolates, and maybe a bath bomb or two!
  • Movie theater gift card: add microwave popcorn, a box or two of candy, and place it all in a plastic popcorn bucket.
  • Coffee shop gift card: put the gift card in a mug with their favorite coffee beans, and a few cookies.
  • Home improvement store gift card: add a potted plant, gardening gloves, nuts, a DIY book, and a small toolkit.
  • Airline gift card: pair with a travel magazine, headphones, a scented neck pillow, travel-sized toiletries, and trail mix.
  • American Express gift card: add cocoa mix, marshmallows, nutella, and candy canes.

I buy my gift cards from Walmart because they have pretty much any gift card I need! Our local Walmart is in a relatively small town, but even they have everything I need. I found an entire tower of gift cards near the Pick-Up desk in the back of the store, plus a ton at the end of the aisles near the greeting cards, and lots at the checkout. What’s cool is that even though we may not have a store near us (like Cracker Barrel), they still carry the gift card…so I can send the card to my best friend in Tennessee who LOVES Cracker Barrel and has a ton of them near her.

How to dress up a gift card at

The great thing about buying them at Walmart is I can make a gift basket using things I purchase there – it’s a one-stop shop.

I’d love to hear your ideas for pairing gift cards below!

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