Holidays are busy? No worries, Tai Pei has you covered at

Keep Meal Time Simple During the Holidays

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I live in the middle-of-nowhere, Iowa. It’s great if you’re not a fan of traffic, or people.

It’s not so great if you like having modern luxuries like…oh, I don’t know…internet?

Our internet has been out for a good week now – on and off. Which, considering it’s the week of Thanksgiving – isn’t so bad, for the spend-time-with-your-family-thing…but if you’re someone like me who’s in the middle of a launch for Black Friday, then being without internet is kind of a big deal.

So today, I’m notified the internet is back up, but we’ve got parent teacher conferences…lots of them. So after the conferences, we had to check out the book fair. By the time I was done buying an entirely-too-expensive book about dinosaurs, I was starving.

I rush home (the entire half a block), briefly thinking about running to the gas station just for something quick to eat. I’m hungry but I don’t want to really do any cooking.

I take a peek in the freezer, and am thrilled I have a Tai Pei Asian Food entree left!Holidays are busy? No worries, Tai Pei has you covered at

I took the plastic wrap off the lid, popped it in the microwave for 4.5 minutes, let it sit for 2, and then devoured it.

The best part? It’s portable, so super easy to eat while laying in bed with your laptop, burnin’ the midnight oil. Holidays are busy? No worries, Tai Pei has you covered at

I love Tai Pei because they don’t use preservatives or artificial ingredients (Mmmmm….real, quality ingredients). The flavor-infused rice is freaking delicious, too.

Whether or not you’re stacked for time like me, particularly during the holidays…I’m sure you can appreciate the convenience of these, amirite?

>>>You can get a $1 off coupon for Tai Pei Asian Food, and be sure to check out their site to see where you can find them locally.

What kind will you get?? Share in the comments below!

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