Let Kids Be Kids

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I remember the days of having a clean house. My laundry was always neatly folded in the drawers. My closet was arranged by color and all the hangers faced the same way. Books were neatly organized on the bookshelf by title in alphabetical order. My car was [almost] clean, and most definitely didn’t have any stains from spilled sippy cups or rogue condiment stains.

That was before kids. 

Now, we strive for “good enough,” but most definitely once the kids are in bed. Here’s to letting them pull out all the tupperware in the cupboards, because wearing a colander on your head is the cool thing to do. That, and it helps protect you from aliens. 18622111052_22f3a68b84_z

Here’s to sliding into “home” in t-ball because it’s fun….not necessarily because you’re about to get out. After all, it takes another 93 seconds for the ball to make it to home plate.


Here’s to the fur kids playing in the rain and getting absolutely filthy, but refusing to come inside to get cleaned up. Getting daddy dirty is more fun anyway.


Here’s to early morning snuggles between the littles. Because mommy, they sure don’t keep. And they won’t always get along;)18438965128_f76c3330b9_z

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