Ghost Boy – The Boy Who Was in a Coma for 12 Years

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Martin Pistorius was a child when he got mysteriously ill–first, he stopped eating and lost his voice. Then, he started sleeping a lot and avoiding others. He slept a lot, then became mute and wheelchair-bound. His parents were told he had less than two years to live and that had the mind of a baby.

He was moved to a care center for disabled children and was forced to hear Barney playing day after day. He was completely aware the entire time, but was trapped in his body.

Could you imagine? What FAITH one would have to have to not give up! I surely would have lost my mind after dealing with that for so long…wondering, when is someone going to realize I can hear them? I am aware! When I worked in a nursing home, we had a resident who had essentially been a vegetable since he was a child. He was in his 60’s when I was caring for him. I always had a feeling that he was aware of what was going on and so I would always talk to him when I cared for him–telling him what I was doing instead of just being quiet.

You don’t want to miss this story–it’s a story about a parent’s heartbreak, and a boy’s return to life through love and faith. You can pick it up at your local Family Christian bookstore or online.


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