4 Creative and Relaxing Hobbies at Home at idyllicpursuit.com

4 Creative & Relaxing Hobbies At Home

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4 Creative & Relaxing Hobbies At Home

4 Creative and Relaxing Hobbies at Home at idyllicpursuit.com

Being at home is always a good time as far as we are concerned. Home is where we feel the safest and it should definitely always be that way. Whether we are spending time with the kids, our other halves, or the television and a bag of chips, home is the place to be. That being said, it is not always the most relaxing. Kids can be loud, there is always cleaning to be done, and a meal to be ready for dinner time.

There is also the fact that watching TV, playing video games, and even reading only lets you be so creative. The point is that you need a hobby for home that is both creative and relaxing, something that will let you wind down, put your mind at ease, and will also allow you to express your emotions and creativity. So, what are some good hobbies for when you are at home?

1. Painting & Drawing4 Creative and Relaxing Hobbies to do at Home

One of the best things you can do for relaxation and creativity when you are at home is to do some kind of art work. Our personal favorites when it comes to art are drawing and painting, especially painting. This is by far one of the most creative hobbies that you could engage in at home. Drawing and painting is really neat because there are a great number of options to go with. Black and white drawings, pastels, colored pencils, wax crayons, markers, oil paints, water paints, and much more.

Different types of drawing materials make for greatly varying end results. One thing we like to do is to draw the same picture in multiple mediums. A dog will look much different when drawn with oil paints, water paints, markers, or with charcoal. We really like this creative aspect of it. Simply using a different drawing or painting method will make the end result much different.

Being able to choose what you draw or paint with is something that definitely helps to inspire creativity. This is true for painting and drawing in general, because you get to let out your emotions and creative juices on a piece of paper. Even better is that it is something you can do at home on your own, with the family, and it makes for a great children’s hobby too. Next time you feel stressed out, just take out some paper or canvas and your favorite medium, such as charcoal or oil paints, and fill up the page with the first thing that comes to mind.

2. Cooking4 Creative and Relaxing Hobbies to do at Home

Cooking is another fun, creative, and relaxing hobby for you and the whole family to engage in at home. There are so many different options to go with, and so many alterations that you can make to recipes, that it definitely counts as being creative. At home, me and my family love to come up with our own recipes. Not only is that being creative, but it also serves the purpose of having dinner on the table too!

We like to have a family cooking night at least once per week, and we always take turns choosing what we want to make. Sometimes we cook Asian foods, Italian, French cuisine, Mexican, or some good old North American Hamburgers too. Even something as simple as a burger lets you be creative because the options are nearly endless. You can use chicken, beef, pork, lamb, tofu, veggies, or mushrooms. Even picking the “meat” for the burger lets you be creative, not to mention the spices you put in the patties.

Choosing the buns and toppings are just added bonuses! We’ve ended up with some really gourmet burgers for dinner at my home, which in fact were created by my kids. I was impressed to say the least. The point is that cooking is creative because there are a million possibilities, and personally I find it very relaxing because it is something I naturally enjoy.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to have the family help me with the cooking every now and then! It’s a great way to be creative, have fun and relax, and prepare dinner all at the same time.

3. Aquascaping

Yet another hobby that I have introduced into my home that helps to relax everybody, as well as to get the creative juices flowing, is aquascaping. If you don’t know what aquascaping is, it is like a mix of gardening and having an aquarium. Or in other words, it is a partially or fully submerged indoor garden combined with fish, kind of like having a garden in your aquarium. Can you tell where this is going already?

Aquascaping is a really relaxing hobby for anyone who loves to garden and/or loves to have an aquarium in their home. I don’t know about you, but something about those plants swaying back and forth gently in the water, the colorful fish, and the light trickling sound of my waterfall filter almost lull me to sleep. Not because any of those things are boring, but because they are very relaxing.

Aquascaping is also very creative because you get to choose the size of the tank, the type of aquascape, the plants, the fish, the scenery, and everything else that goes into the aquarium. It is a really neat way to create your own indoor ecosystem. There is almost nothing more creative than this in our opinion.

Another reason why aquascaping is a good home hobby for the whole family is because it is relatively inexpensive. All you really need are a few plants, some substrate, a couple fish, the tank, a filter, lights, and maybe even a protein skimmer too (AquascapeAddiction has covered skimmers in more detail). Once you have your aquascape set up, it costs next to nothing to maintain.

4. Wood Working

Now this is a hobby that is going to be a little more expensive than others, plus it might not be ideal if you want to do something with your kids. After all, power tools and lumber cost money, not to mention that you don’t want really young kids handling those dangerous tools.

None the less, if you are an adult and you like to be creative, wood working is the way to go. There are so many things you can create. Dining room tables, small coffee tables, chairs, mirror frames, bird houses, sheds, dog houses, and various little trinkets can all be made of wood.

This is a hobby that lets you work with your hands, lets you be creative and build anything you want, and it is always satisfying to see an awesome finished product too. I personally find it relaxing to sit there cutting apart lumber or even just to paint the bird house I finished nailing together.


All of the hobbies listed above are things that you can do on your own or do with family too. The point is for you to relax, be creative, have fun, and forget about all of the stress in your daily life. Whether it be aquascaping, wood working, cooking, or art, they are all great ways to wind down and take a nice break from life. If you are thinking of trying to turn your own hobby into a business then we recommend reading this post.

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4 Creative and Relaxing Hobbies to do at Home

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