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Dressing Remarkably at idyllicpursuit.comThere are times when I am at least 165 world’s away from feeling remarkable. Like after every baby I’ve ever had, or when I’m sad, or stressed. Or when I’m sleep deprived because my 4 year-old has Disney witch dreams, and my 10 year-old has growing pains, and my 12 year-old hears noises in the middle of the night because of those dang possums {repeatedly!} having all-night dinner parties in my roof.

Not feeling so remarkable then.

But we all know that such a enormous part of being an entrepreneur is putting a spotlight on the remarkable. Right? Being unique. Being unforgettable. Being that one-in-a-trillion. And so we try to create a remarkable brand, a remarkable product, remarkable content, remarkable courses –

But, what about us? What makes us remarkable?

Some time ago it hit me like a tonne-of-bricks that whenever I felt unremarkable on the inside, I became equally unremarkable on the outside. Do you know what I mean? It was as if the way I wore my clothes became a bright mirror with blazing lights focussed only on my very uninspired, rather downright depressing feelings. Like I was telling the whole-wide-world my secret story of exhaustion, uncreativity, and sadness {not a great look for a sparkly, go-getting, want-to-change-the-world style entrepreneur}.

Feeling, blah! Dressing, blah! That’s just how it was for a bit.

Until this one wonderful day {after too many terrible days} – I decided I wanted to tell a different story. I decided to stop dressing how I felt, and start dressing how I wanted to feel. And I decided to dress like the women I was working so hard to become, even though I hadn’t become her yet.

I decided to dress remarkably again.

Project Runway judge, Nina Garcia sums this up to perfection in The Little Black Book of Style: ‘This instant language is much smarter than it gets credit for at times. They are just clothes, shoes, and bags, you could say. And people do say it, day after day. But I think they are more than clothes, shoes, and bags. They are a large part of a woman’s character and tell us a bit of her story without saying a word.’

I used to play these little games back in fashion school, where I would challenge myself each morning to mix as many remarkable pieces together as possible. {There is a LOT of pressure to look never-endingly fabulous in fashion school!} I remembered back to that time, and thought I should start doing the same. Well, sort of. Instead, I became very deliberate about choosing ONE remarkable piece to wear each morning. {Rather than my fashion school standard of 36 pieces all at once.} {I was a true fashionista back then.} {Aka: hot-mess.} {Don’t recommend it!}

Just ONE remarkable piece, each time I walk out the door is all it takes for me to feel beautiful, confident, and in control… as well as giving me a zillion compliments in the process. {Wink!} Because just ONE remarkable piece tricks people into thinking I am waaaaaaay more fabulous than I really am. Cheeky. Seriously. Try it.

Each morning, when you are dressing your gorgeous-on-the-inside, soon-to-be-gorgeous-on-the-outside self for the day, think of one specifically selected piece you could add to your outfit to transform it into something remarkable.

And, when I say ‘Remarkable’, what I mean is: Worthy of remarking upon.

Now, I don’t want you thinking to yourself that you need to be wearing some out-of-this-world, outrageously gorgeous, completely WOW! outfit every time you scurry up to the corner store to grab yourself some Nutella. No. Not so. What I am saying is – if you are popping out in a simple t-shirt and jeans, you can elevate your entire look to remarkable, by adding a little something with a pop of colour, or a touch of sparkle, or a bit of leopard-print, or by draping yourself in a full-length fur coat. {Kidding!}

Here is a list of 10 clever ways to transform an outfit from beige, bland and boring, to being worthy of remark. Try to hit one of these a day, and you’re golden girlfriend!

  1. Colour – Play with colour. A super simple way to do that is through accessories. Try a pop of colour in your sunglasses, or your shoes, or your bag. Or try using colour in one bold statement piece like a coat.
  2. Shape – Try to use different shaped pieces to create a sense of drama in your clothes, with drape and volume and fit.  
  3. Pattern – Try a feminine floral, an organic pattern, some bold stripes, polka dots, or something geometric.
  4. Coat – There is nothing more stand-out than a fabulous coat. Try an animal-print coat, or a coat with a beautiful pattern or a splash of colour, an interesting collar detail, or a glamorous fur, if you’re daring.
  5. Jewellery – Try huge statement earrings, or vintage brooches from grandma’s jewellery box, lots of layered necklaces, or just a big, fat {fake} cocktail ring. Or, try an eclectic mix of cuffs, bangles and bracelets. They will never go unnoticed. Ever.
  6. Shoes – Never underestimate the power of shoes! Try boots. Try heels. Try metallic gold or silver. Try anything bold and outrageous, and completely impractical whenever you possibly can. As Bette says: Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. Amen.
  7. Bag – Be risky. Try something beaded, sequin-y or sparkly, something in a gorgeous shock of colour, or a rich brocade, a silk, or some kind of exotic looking skin.
  8. Belt – So underappreciated, yet so worthy of remark. Try a thick belt, a thin belt, a low-slung hip belt, a belt with unique details, or a pop of colour, or a sliver of animal print. Go wild.
  9. Scarf – Be all Parisian and try a scarf as a belt, or a scarf as a top, or wear it as a headband, or tie it to your handbag, or around your neck in one of these 25 ways.
  10. Lipstick – Try an Old Hollywood red lip, or a gorgeous hot-pink, or plum, or something dark and vampish. Ooh! Daring!

This quick list is a great way to check in with yourself each morning, by asking: Is this outfit worthy of remark? If it doesn’t feel all that remarkable, is there something you could add? A pop of colour? A pattern? A piece of statement jewellery? Some shockingly chic red lipstick?

Go a little crazy. Be a touch dramatic. Stand-out. Have fun!

And, THEN – look for other women doing the same! I love this little tidbit in the book Amazinger Face where Zoe Foster Blake says: ‘And so I urge you: if you see a woman with a terrific smile, or great skin, or nice hair, or shoes or frock, say something! There is a very good chance that she put in some extra effort, which is precisely why you noticed whatever it was you noticed, so give her a verbal high-five, why don’t you? You’ll feel good, she’ll feel wonderful, and somewhere out there a pixie will finally be granted her golden wings.’

Throw compliments around like confetti! Celebrate beauty. Encourage creativity. Because who doesn’t want a pixie to be granted her magical golden wings?



Clarissa Leong, guest blogger at idyllicpursuit.comAs image stylist and founder of Waking Up In Paris, Clarissa Grace helps mum entrepreneurs change the world by creating a style & life they love. She believes there’s nothing more powerful than a woman who believes she is beautiful. She is professionally trained in fashion design, costume design, and haute couture through The Paris American Academy. Has been splashed on the pages of Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Woman’s Day, has chatted on Channel 7 and Nine, and has dressed some of Australia’s most dazzling stars such as Isabel Lucas, Kate Ritchie, Jodi Gordon and Ricki-Lee Coulter.

She loves her showgirl classes, chocolate, and is known to house an inner bowerbird – a bird that is drawn to beautiful things and lovely colours, and the reason she accidentally buys sparkly, dangly earrings, shimmery-pink nail polish, beaded coin-purses and Japanese silk kimonos.





  1. I absolutely LOVE this blog! Thank you so much! Thanks to you, I’m going to be adopting a “dressing remarkably” style! Perfectly timed, given I JUST did a full clean out of my wardrobe yesterday! I have bags for charity, I can see things now and I have tons of tips from you I can now implement and enjoy! No more dressing in workout gear for me!! THANK-YOU so much, Clair xxx

  2. What a fabulous article! I totally identify with it as a mom-of-three, always putting my kids first, and barely having time for face cream (let alone mascara!) it’s time to change that! I love the idea of dressing like the successful entrepreneur you ADMIRE, even though you may not be there yet. Well written post, thank you so much!

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