How to have a yummy Halloween w/ Mini Babybel Cheese!

How to Have a Yummy Halloween with Mini Babybel® Cheese

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When I was a little kid, I distinctly recall begging my parents to get me Babybel cheese. It was just so much fun peeling the little red wax – and even more fun eating the cheese. As I eyed these in the store, visions of nostalgic tea parties with silly hats, dainty sandwiches, and tiny forks used to spear Mini Baybel Cheese danced through my head. And then, I spot Halloween themed Mini Babybel Cheese.

Mini Baybel Halloween Cheese
I spy Halloween themed Mini Babybel Cheese! Looks like I’m not the only one who thought this was a great idea!

I was quick to snag the last bag of these as they’re perfect for Halloween!

Mini Baybel Halloween Cheese
Each bag contains several different kinds of characters on the front – a pumpkin, vampire, mummy, and skeleton. I think it’d be really fun to pass these out for Halloween.
Mini Baybel Halloween Cheese
Which one is your fave?
Mini Baybel Halloween Cheese
Mine is the pumpkin!

You can use Mini Baybel Cheese during Halloween parties, for a fun school snack for your kids, or if you’re anything like me…you’ll hide a stash in the back of your fridge just for you because they’re SO yummy!

You can get your Mini Babybel Cheese at Target. From now through early November, they’ve got some great deals on Mini Babybel Cheese.


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How to have a yummy Halloween w/ Mini Babybel Cheese!How to have a yummy Halloween w/ Mini Babybel Cheese!

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