How to Make More Money as a Coach

How to Make More Money as a Coach

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I wear many hats – influencer, blogger, podcaster, and business coach. As a coach, I help women launch and scale their online coaching businesses. I’ve been doing this since 2010, and one of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen coaches do…is nothing. Most of the time clients won’t be banging down your door to work with you. You’ve got to self-promote, everyday!

How to Make More Money as a Coach

How to Make More Money as a Coach

Have a sales funnel! Imagine that you are going to go camping with your family this weekend, so you head to your local mom and pop camping store. The store associate helps you find the grill you’re looking for, and then suggests you pick up some charcoal. When you’ve got your charcoal, he suggests getting some hot dogs, buns, and ingredients for s’mores while you’re at it. That’s a sales funnel, but in-person. It’s super easy to create one online using Clickfunnels, which is what I use for my coaching business. You can get a 2 week trial for it here.

What is a sales funnel?This image shows you that you have traffic coming in from various sources to your opt-in page (where you’ll give them a freebie). Once they enter their email address, they’ll be presented with an opportunity for a “One Time Offer” – something that complements the freebie they just got. For example, if I am giving someone 50 places they can pitch the media, my OTO could be an offer for me to pitch the media for them! If they don’t purchase, it takes them to a thank you page where they can download the freebie. Otherwise, if they do purchase – they get a thank you screen w/ their purchase download (or details on purchase delivery).

Explain What You Do on Your Website. Not everyone knows what a coach is, so in addition to calling yourself a coach, make sure you explain what a coach does.

What is a business coach?
Some people think I just travel the world – but I show them how to do it, too!

For example, if you are a dating coach, explain that you help men and women find that one perfect person.

If you are a career coach, tell your web site visitors that you help them figure out the perfect career, and then you help them find a job that reflects their career choice. And if you are a business coach, tell them how you can help their business succeed.

Publish a Newsletter. Not everyone who comes to your web site will immediately become a coaching client. Not everyone who comes to your web site will buy your products immediately. You need means to keep in touch with people who come to your website, but are not ready to hire you or purchase your products.

A newsletter is a great tool to keep in touch with your web site visitors, share information with them and educate them about your products and services. Make sure that you have a newsletter subscribe form on every page of your website, and that you offer a compelling reason for your visitors to subscribe to it. Freebies work great for this!

Optimize Your Web Site for Search Engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of modifying web page content and meta-information to improve the search engine ranking of the page. Successful SEO will greatly increase the number of visitors that come to your website since over 70% of people who are looking for products and services use search engines to locate them.

My favorite way to grow my authority as a coach…

Publish Your Guest Posts/Articles Online. Publishing articles is a great way to show off your coaching expertise, as well to drive traffic to your website. When you write and publish your articles, other web site owners pick them up and publish them on their web sites, while giving you a link back to your website. You can get a free list of 50+ places accepting submissions here.

Is Part-Time Work Really Career Suicide? A guest post by Kathy Wilson at

Rinse and repeat as necessary 🙂 Effective promotion of your coaching practice online will make a difference between your coaching website sitting idly and a coaching website that drives leads and clients for your business every single day.

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