How to use a bullet journal to finally write your book!

How to Use Your Bullet Journal to Help You Write a Book

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How to Use Your Bullet Journal to Help You Write a Book

Writing a book is no easy feat. There is a lot that goes into it, even after the original idea. Perhaps you’re like me – you’ve been wanting to write a book for years, but never really took the leap until just now. Some people struggle to ever finish a book because they get stuck at a certain point and then don’t know how to move past it. Using a bullet journal to plan a book project is an excellent way to move past getting stuck and also keep the creative flow of your book going strong until completion.

How to use a bullet journal to finally write your book!

Here are some ways to use your bullet journal to help you write a book:

Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a very important part of the writing process. When you’re writing something lengthy like a book, your mind map will go a long way toward planning what you want to say and how you will lay out the entirety of the book. For example, you can place your central goal or theme in the center and then you record other ideas and larger concepts around that. The bullet journal is a great place for sketching this out, and you can return to it whenever the ideas hit you. Mind mapping is an excellent way to brainstorm for a creative project like writing a book.

Mind mapping in a bullet journal is a great way to help write a book!

Use Outlining

Another important part of writing your book is outlining. You will create an outline from your mind map, and from your early book ideas. This outline will highlight what the book is about and how it should all be presented. You might move this around later, or change things, but the outline is the basic framework that you will build your book around. You can do all of this outlining in your bullet journal.

Keep a Timeline

Another way it can help you write your book is by keeping you on track. Your bullet journal is an excellent tool to help keep you on a timeline when it comes to writing and editing your book. You can use it as a book journal to jot down ideas, to keep track of deadlines and progress, to work on plot lines, themes and other elements, as well as character outlines for fiction and other plotting for non-fiction books.

These are just a few ways that you can use your bullet journal to help you write a book. Above all, it helps you free your mind, track ideas, and keep note of all of your ideas – big and small – so you can make sense of what will work for your book. It allows you to hold on to those tiny nuggets and see what they grow into and all of these things add up to a completed book.

In addition to using the bullet journal to write your book, you can also use it to help you market your book, pitch to publishers/agents and more. It’s all about creating a space to track what you’re doing so you don’t forget things, or lose track of what you’re doing and when. Your bullet journal can be a very helpful tool in writing your book, once you develop a system to make it work for you.

Do you have any specific book journaling or bullet journaling tips to share?

How to use a bullet journal to finally write your book!

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