Throw an Epic Season Premiere Party at

Throw an Epic Season Premiere Party

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Throw an Epic Season Premiere Party at

My family and I do not watch a lot of TV, but for the shows that we do watch…we are fiercely loyal! What better way to show our loyalty to those shows than by having a season premiere party?

A season premiere party is where you gather up all of your other die-hard friends for a night of fun to celebrate the premiere of your favorite show! Even if they aren’t as gung-ho about a show as you are, people still enjoy getting together for good food and good friends!

Even if you’ve hosted a season premiere party before, you’ll appreciate this checklist so you won’t forget anything for your next one!

  • Find out when your favorite show premieres {mine is The Walking Dead – which premieres February 12th, 2017!} and then choose that as the date for your party.
  • Set the party to be 1-2 hours before the premiere actually starts. This way, you don’t have any late stragglers showing up right in the middle of a scene with Negan.
  • Reach out to all of your friends. It’s okay to over-invite! It’s much better to have a home filled with friends and family than have just your mom show up, ok? You are going to want to invite them in several different ways – via an event on Facebook, via email, snail mail, and on the phone. You can design your own invites, or you can get premade ones.
  • Food and drinks!! A lot of people will do a BYOB (that’s bring your own beer/drinks), a potluck, or will agree to supply drinks if someone provides food or vice-versa. If you’re feeling particularly organized, attendees can sign up ahead of time with what they plan on bringing. If you’re feeling generous, you can supply it all. A BBQ or cookout is a lot of fun whether it’s warm or cold out! Whatever you decide to have, you’ve got to have McCain Craft Beer Battered Fries at your party! They are crafted with real American Pale Ale and made with real potatoes. They taste like they’re right from a fancy restaurant or your grandma’s kitchen with their unique seasonings. They are also made with real potatoes. You can see them at and even check to see which local shopping retailer carries them with their handy zip code search! I like to serve fries in cones I make using newspaper, and then make a yummy dipping sauce using ranch and ketchup! I am a really big fan of super crispy fries, so I usually put them in our deep fryer first for a minute or two, take them out and blot them with a paper towel. I’ll then put them back in the deep fryer until they’re just on the edge between just-right and overcooked. This way, it satisfies my craving for something savory and gives me a little crunch!
  • You want to make sure you have a proper headcount, so also make sure to send reminders! I usually do about a week out, and then the night before.
  • Depending on your crowd, you could do crafts before the show starts. A quick Google search will usually yield lots of themed crafts for your show.
  • Alternatively, you can do board games or party games. A party favorite is always charades – making sure that the topics tie into whatever show you’re watching. For example, I could act out swinging a baseball bat and the answer would be Negan.
  • Party favors or some other incentive for attending can leave your guests feeling like they’re truly appreciated and valued. It doesn’t have to be anything huge – one time I made homemade chocolate truffles and these little favor boxes. I put a themed label on the top. For The Walking Dead, you could make a batch of spiced cookies and call ‘em “Carol’s Cookies” – and because presentation is everything, get some pretty cellophane and ribbon to wrap them in. Another cute idea is to make a Zombie Survival Kit (get some mint tins and put in things like safety pins, band aids, fishing line with a hook, etc).

Throw an Epic Season Premiere Party at idyllicpursuit.comThrow an Epic Season Premiere Party at idyllicpursuit.comThrow an Epic Season Premiere Party at idyllicpursuit.comThrow an Epic Season Premiere Party at


Do you have any tips for making sure your season premiere parties are unforgettable? I’d love to hear them below! #JoyintheKitchen

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  1. Great post!!! We are behind on TWD and so I won’t be watching the season premiere tonight. I can’t wait for the day we can do season premiere parties too <3

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