How to Share God With Your Children

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As a child, I never really had a “church” upbringing–at least not until high school. I had a relationship with God and often prayed throughout the day, but didn’t know any Biblical foundation. I didn’t know the depth of His love for me. I turned to Him as a child only because I was so lost as a sinner, I felt so alone.

My youngest daughter, Kennedy, shared with me the other day something about a friend of hers who’s five: “Mom, did you know ____ doesn’t believe in God?! Isn’t that sad?” My heart hurt for them both. I know this friend of hers has a very wild imagination, has little direction from his parents, and plays video games all day. I let her know that she could still talk to him about God, because He wants us to share Him with everyone.

We’ve brought the kids to Sunday school for as long as I can remember, and then they attend service with us afterwards. We are part of a tiny church, so they don’t have any breakaway sessions for the kids. However, they do have a nursery/play room that isn’t staffed they could go in if necessary.


Here are some ways you can help share His love with your children:

  • Make God a part of your lives – this means talking about God more than just on Sundays, and not just reserving prayer time for meals and bed time.
  • Get them a children’s devotional
  • If they start asking some tough questions, it’s okay to not know everything! “I’m not sure, let’s find out!” is a response I use often when they ask questions like, “Who was so-and-so in the Bible?”
  • Give rewards for memorizing Bible verses. I met a dear friend at a Dani Johnson event who has a horse ranch. She allows people to ride her horses if they can memorize a verse for her. What a blessing!
  • Involve your family in ministry. Whether through mission trips, volunteering in the kitchen at church, or making toiletry bags for the homeless–there are countless ways they can get involved!
  • Limit–or do away with completely–media that doesn’t promote family values. We don’t do magazines, TV, or movies unless they’re wholesome, modest, and family-oriented. We made this decision as a family three years ago, and I am so thankful!
  • Read to your children the Bible and other faith-based books. For example, Christian’s favorite board book is called “Love Letter from God,” and it talks about how much God loves us. It is such a beautiful book! It has cut-outs to see through to the next page. Of course, since he’s only 10-months-old, he really likes to chew on the book and it won’t get ruined this way! I would LOVE for this book to bless your little ones, too. You can win one below! But first:IMG_7229IMG_7230

About the book:
Author P.K. Hallinan
Illustrator: Laura Watson
In this story, the author supposes what God might say in a personal letter written to a child. The unconditional and unlimited nature of God’s love is revealed through simple and lyrical language. Rich and textured illustrations, along with heart-shaped die-cuts, will make this uplifting book a family favorite. It is a great message for little ones on Valentine’s Day, or for everyday inspiration. Love Letter from God will remind children of God’s eternal love and how He demonstrates that love through everyday miracles and by the wonder of His presence. Thanks to the colorful and touching illustrations of Laura Watson, children will also learn how to appreciate their own individuality and how to use their unique gifts to be a blessing to others.
About the author: 

P. K. Hallinan has been creating books for children since his wife first asked him to write for their two boys more than 30 years ago. Today Hallinan writes uplifting stories about holidays, relationships, and life values. “When I started this project, I felt that God told me to ‘Just let children know how much I love them.’ So I asked Him to speak the words Himself, through my heart, and I would put them to paper. And I believe He did this. This book’s message reinforces the presence of God in a child’s life by showing how God manifests Himself at every moment of every day,” said Hallinan.

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Love Letter from God
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