Learning to Love Your Body through Boudoir at idyllicpursuit.com

Learning to Love Your Body Through Boudoir

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Pick up a woman’s magazine. Any major woman’s magazine. You’ll see a celebrity on the cover, and usually at least one article title on what to change about yourself and how to do it. What’s worse are the women showcased in the magazine, and how poised and polished they are. Some women get down on themselves and compare, thinking that they’ll never look like that. However, keep in mind that even that woman doesn’t look like that.

Boudoir – The Game Changer?

When I started offering boudoir photography services, I wanted to change that perspective. I didn’t want to change a woman’s body and show her some crazy “ideal”. I wanted instead to put her in good light and show her how amazing she is, right then and there. I wanted to empower women to love themselves. These sessions have been transformative for the women I work with, because they are able to see their own beauty and appreciate it. Sometimes, it’s the first time they’ve ever felt that way about themselves.

I encourage all types of women to give it a try, and remind them that they are all beautiful and unique. I’ve learned how powerful this experience can be, but I’ve also become more aware of the body struggles that women of all shapes and sizes have within themselves. Curvy, slim, large or small chested, toned, and not. Each woman I’ve worked with has expressed concerns about their body.Learning to Love Your Body through Boudoir at idyllicpursuit.com

Body love can be hard as a woman in our society. We focus so much on diets, weight loss, and even extreme measures to change our bodies. Instead of coming from a place of love, we come from a place of animosity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about making healthy choices, but doing so out of love for your body instead of hatred can make all the difference.

To start, shift your perspective. What is a body, really? It’s a tool, a vessel. We use it to move around, to create, and to enjoy everything in this world through our senses. Our bodies can provide pleasure, heal pain, and they are automated. When you look at your body from the perspective of the wonderful machine that it is, your thoughts can start to shift.

Learning to Love Your Body through Boudoir at idyllicpursuit.com


It’s important to catch your negative self talk and change it, too. Language is a powerful thing, and the way we talk to ourselves can affect our moods and choices. Instead of worrying about your size or saying something mean to yourself in the mirror, find something positive. Start small if you have to, but compliment yourself every day. The more you love yourself and your body, the easier it will be to make good choices to fuel and flatter that body. Celebrate your body. And of course, don’t shy away from the camera.

If you’re a mother, or even a good friend to someone, you understand what it feels like to love and care for someone. You want the best for them, and want to help them make the best choices. The same can be true for yourself.

Love yourself, first, and the rest will fall into place.

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