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How to Get Free Stocks in 2019 for Americans

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A stock is ownership in a given company, typically traded on an open exchange called “the market.” Traditionally, investing in stocks was expensive. With the advent of mobile technology, it’s easier than ever. Here’s how to get free stocks using several different apps, all without forking over thousands of dollars and most without many requirements.

Things you should know…

It’s important to note that any time you open an investment account, you’re required to provide identity information. This usually includes your social security number and a copy of your photo ID. All of this is standard procedure thanks to the Patriot Act.

1. How to Get Free Stocks from Robinhood

What you get: 1 free random stock, like Apple, Ford, Lyft, or GE

Minimum investment: $0

Robinhood is a a desktop and web-based app where you can invest in stocks, exchange traded funds (ETFs), options, and cryptocurrencies. Any trade you make is 100% commission-free, making it an attractive option for both new and experienced investors alike. The barrier of entry is low, too—there’s no minimum deposit.

Robinhood account holders can also earn free stock by referring someone, in addition to their free stock at account open. Users can earn up to $500 total by referring others. Once I hit the $500 maximum, I plan on using my husband’s referral link to share. Get your free stock from Robinhood today.

How to get free stocks with Robinhood
These are the people I have referred, and the shares I earned as a result.

2. How to Get Free Stocks from Nvstr

What you get: $10 to $1,000 to invest

Minimum investment: To keep your free money at account opening, place a trade within thirty days. The trade will cost you $4.95 to execute, plus whatever your investment costs.

Nvstr (pronounced “Investor”) is an investing platform based on Nobel Prize winning research. It helps you invest with the collective experience of not only people you trust but also the community. To keep the money you get for free at account opening, you’ll just need to place a trade within thirty days. It’s just $4.95 to execute the trade. Additionally, you can’t withdraw the money for a year.

You will also earn rewards from referring others. When they open their account, you get to choose a card with a hidden reward amount. There is no limit to the amount of rewards you can earn at the time of this post. Get your free Nvstr stock today.

3. How to Get Free Stocks from Webull

What you get: 1 free stock when you open the account, another free stock once you deposit $100

Minimum investment: $0, but you’ll receive another free stock when you deposit $100

Webull is a free stock trading app with no fees to open or maintain an account. You get to trade during extended trading hours, which is an attractive feature. You’ll have access to either a margin or cash account upon opening your brokerage account. Get your free Webull stock today.

4. How to Get Free Stocks from Stockpile

What you get: $5 in free stock

Minimum investment: When you buy your first stock or e-gift $10 or more, you’ll earn your $5 of stock

Stockpile is a little different than other investment accounts. You get to purchase fractional shares of 1,000+ stocks and ETFs. Trades are $0.99 each, it’s free to sign up, and there are no monthly fees. A purchase of a fractional share must be at least $1.

To get $5 of free stock, you will need to buy your first stock or give your first e-gift of $10 or more. One thing we’ve noticed is that you can pay for your trades using a debit or credit card, which is a pretty unusual perk among brokerage accounts. You will pay a 3% fee to use one, though. Avoid the fee by using your bank account. Get your free stock from Stockpile today.

How to get free stocks with Stockpile
You can buy fractional shares of any of these companies with Stockpile

5. How to Get Free Stocks from iConsumer

What you get: 500 shares of iConsumer stock (at the time of publication, it’s 18 cents per share)

Minimum investment: $0, although you’ll need to “shop” at a participating store within 90 days to earn it

iConsumer works a little bit differently than the other platforms we’ve discussed. It’s very similar to reward platforms like Ebates and Ibotta. You can add the extension or add-on using a Mac or PC. When you use your browser to shop at any of the 45,000+ participating stores within 90 days, you earn 500 shares of iConsumer stock. They also have an app in the iTunes or Google Play stores.

Don’t worry about the “participating stores” portion of it—we’ve found some of the most popular stores as options. These options include places like, AirBnB, and Vistaprint.

If you want to earn even more iConsumer stock, refer a friend. For each referral, you get 250 shares of iConsumer stock. Get your free iConsumer stock today.

How to get free stocks with iConsumer
Many of the 45,000 stores available under iConsumer are names you’ll recognize.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About How to Get Free Stocks

Can you buy stocks for free?

Most brokerage and investment accounts charge a fee for each trade you make. However, a platform like Robinhood is fee-free.

How are taxes handled when I get a free stock?

When you get free shares of stock with any investment account, you’ll likely receive a 1099. However, you’ll want to check with a tax advisor for your unique situation.

Does Robinhood affect your credit score? What about the other apps?

No, they need your SSN because of Patriot Act laws—much like your bank needed yours when you opened an account with them.


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