The Best Investments For Couples 2019

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Whenever the word investment is brought up, it generally reminds us of our parents. Whenever a sum of money came our way that could be deemed as substantial, we would often hear the words “Invest it wisely” 

Let’s be honest, we did hear the words but did we ever really listen to them? Probably not. Here is why most of us don’t actually know how or where to invest our money. Below are just a few investment ideas for the future, hopefully, they will help increase your nest egg.

Get Behind A Business

This first investment idea is a great one, it may also involve the most risk. Now when it comes to investing in a business, don’t think big, think small. 

You may have friends or a family member that is starting a business that you really believe in. You could get on board with this. Now, it isn’t quite a ‘That’s a great idea, here is a ton of cash’ situation. Before you involve yourself, you should look at the finer details and legalities. 

When investing in a business, you need to decide what kind of investor are you going to be, what percentage of the business you will own and you would also need legal clauses for the sake of hypothetical protection. 

This is basically your opportunity to play Dragons Den in your own home, just maybe don’t sit with a pile of cash on a coffee table next to you.

Investment opportunities like this can be great for many reasons. Not only will they generally have a good return, but they will also help out somebody you trust.

Alternatively, you could always look at things such as crowdfunding. Now, most people know crowdfunding as a small investment that gives you little return. This is just one of the opportunities available. Crowdfunding with peer to peer stipulations is a great way to make a good little financial return for any couple.

Property can be one of the best investments for couples

Property investment is generally the safest. The only thing it requires is obviously, a larger cash injection. Investing in property is something that needs to be done with selective timing. 

Studying the market is obviously the best place to start. Most people first start investing in something that is underpriced and needs a lot of work that can be done on a budget. This is called flip investing and is generally part of a long term plan. This plan involves moving forward to larger properties with each investment.

Should you not be interested in flip investing, there is always the invest to rent opportunity. Purchasing property in another country, for example, is a great move forward. Studying the rate of exchange and the cost of living in that country is your first step. You then make a purchase of the property at the country’s rate but let the property as a holiday/traveler destination property whilst charging the holiday economy rate.

You could also have the property managed by a local and still maintain a healthy profit month on month. All in all, property investment for couples is a very stable source of investment.

Playing the Market

Long gone are the days that playing the market was a yuppy, big city habit. Investing in stocks and shares is now available to pretty much everybody.

The 21st century and the technology it has presented us has trashed the days of telephone investment. We can now learn all we need to know in a few short hours, download apps and start investing very slowly. 

Investment now does not have to be a huge fist time cash injection. What was once blue-chip penny stocks are now available for you to test the waters and see if you have the eye for the market.

For some, the market itself seems like quite a daunting place, you could always make your first investment in currency, you can even purchase shares in your favourite sportsman should he be doing well. 

A great first step when it comes to any investment with shares is research. We are lucky enough nowadays to have an infinite amount of knowledge at our fingertips. Never go into anything blind and do not be scared to seek advice. Always remember, the best advice is free when it comes to investment.

So that covers just a few ideas for your first investment, it may be a big step but it could also be one of the most important steps you could take on your road to early retirement and mojitos in the Bahamas. 

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  1. Interesting tips! I couldn’t agree more with what you mentioned here. Indeed, property or real estate is one of the best investments and investing in it is no joke. As such, it’s important to weigh in the main points and consider the risks. Plus, asking assistance from professional real state agents is important to ensure that your investment will not be compromised. Thanks for sharing this post!

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