How to Spend 24 Hours in Audubon, Iowa

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When I heard that Audubon, Iowa was allegedly the most boring town in the entire state, I was intrigued. Just shy of 2,200 people — it was almost twice the size of the town I grew up in five hours from there. Could it really be more boring than my hometown?

After traveling to seven different states in just two weeks, my daughters and I were eager to slow down a bit. Even if Audubon ended up being really boring, it was a welcome reprieve from the go-go-go we’d been subjected to for the past fortnight.

So, you’re probably wondering…is Audubon really the most boring town in Iowa?

Keep reading to find out!

Where to Stay in Audubon, IA

where to stay in Audubon, Iowa
The kitchen of our beautiful bed and breakfast in Audubon, IA

Comfy Corner Bed & Breakfast

Located at 602 Washington Street, you’re near all of the action in town when you stay at Comfy Corner B&B. It’s not like typical bed and breakfasts — you’re the only occupant and no one is cooking you breakfast.

However, I absolutely loved being able to just pop into the kitchen when we found ourselves hungry. The pantry is stocked with snacks, and the fridge has fixings for breakfast.

Tracey, the owner, has decorated the B&B in a beautiful farmhouse style that would make Joanna Gaines proud. I couldn’t stop gushing over the floors and the ceiling! Her attention to detail shows — the entire place was spotless.

It was very hot and humid outside, but that was no match for the powerful central air. You wouldn’t have known otherwise.

We couldn’t have picked a better place to stay.

What the Locals Do for Fun in Audubon, IA

A family cheering on their family member racing around the track

Figure 8 Races

Pulling into the fairgrounds, we quickly found a place to park on the grass next to a line of cars. We were early, but I wanted to get a feel for the place. The buzz of energy I felt as the stands started to fill was reminiscent of the feel I’d get in my hometown under the Friday night lights. Instead of cheering on the football team with the rest of my squad, I was now with my homemade squad getting ready to cheer on the racers from the stands.

I was glad to not have eaten yet — the aroma of the concession stand was impossible to resist. The girls and I got some of the thickest hot dogs I’d ever eaten, and enjoyed ice cold pop. The food was cheap, and those hot dogs were easily in the top ten best hot dogs I’ve had in my life.

We hear the announcer ask the racers to meet, and before we know it we hear the familiar sound of a loud freight train. Only, the freight train wasn’t coming from an actual train. It was coming from one of the cars! We quickly dubbed that one as our favorite. I remember remarking to the kids how beat up the cars were, and for good reason: they’re going to get smashed up on that dirt figure 8 track.

There were many times we were glad to sit higher up in the stands because dirt often sprayed into the audience as the racers went around the track. We were nestled among the family of one of the racers and quickly determined we’d cheer that racer on, too. We were so delighted when he actually won — and funnily enough, so was his young son. “Wow! Dad finally won,” he exclaimed excitedly as the rest of his family laughed. Their delight was infectious.

The Figure 8 Races in Audubon, IA are the place to be on a Friday night!
The Figure 8 Races in Audubon, IA are the place to be on a Friday night!
Audubon Recreation Center / The Bull Pin Restaurant and Bowling
Audubon Recreation Center / The Bull Pin Restaurant and Bowling

Audubon Recreation Center / The Bull Pin Restaurant and Bowling

I was blown away to hear there’s an actual recreation facility like this in such a tiny town. You can play basketball, badminton, arcade games, and can even bowl. And while you’re waiting for your turn to bowl you can order food from the restaurant.

Don’t worry if you forget your socks, either. They have socks you can purchase at the register. Good thing, too — we basically never wear socks unless we’re bowling and had to purchase some.

While bowling was fun, I really enjoyed getting to play badminton with the girls. You’ll quickly discover that the badminton court has incredible acoustics. When we were finished we really enjoyed testing it out. Here’s Kahri singing Chandelier:

Kahri Burk, age 13, singing Chandelier from Kathy Haan on Vimeo.

One room schoolhouse at the Nathaniel Hamlin Museum in Audubon, Iowa
One room schoolhouse at the Nathaniel Hamlin Museum in Audubon, Iowa

Nathaniel Hamlin Museum

The Nathaniel Hamlin Museum is located on an old poor farm. At one time, we almost rented a property on an old poor farm, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. The one near us did not keep anything original, and instead tried, and failed, to make it a rental hall.

I was so delighted to see how much they preserved of this place. It was literally like taking a step back in time — just as it should. We had a lovely tour of the house, the grounds, and got to glimpse the elk they keep on the property.

Because my dad was born in 1939, he didn’t have running water until he graduated high school. He was born on a farm, and told me many tales of his childhood. I have a particular affinity for history and the preservation of stories. Any history or antique buff will love this place. As we were leaving, there were several paranormal investigators there to check the place out. Is it haunted? Maybe, but I didn’t get the feel of that. The only thing I felt was a huge sense of nostalgia and longing for simpler times.

Stand up paddle boarding at Littlefield Recreational Area near Audubon, Iowa
Kennedy stand up paddle boarding at Littlefield Recreational Area near Audubon

Littlefield Recreational Area

We heard that Littlefield Recreational Area had free kayaking and stand up paddle boarding and had to check it out. The park ranger had all of the life vests ready to go, and off we went!

It was a terribly hot and humid day, and being out on the water made us cool off quite a bit. Kennedy even went out to the center of the pond and jumped in!

The pond itself isn’t very big, but plenty big for lots of people to be on the water — whether fishing, boating, kayaking, or SUPB’ing.

Kahri kayaking at Littlefield Recreational Area
Kahri kayaking at Littlefield Recreational Area

Where to Eat in Audubon, Iowa

Pastries at The Broadway in Audubon, Iowa
Pastries at The Broadway

The Broadway

Really eager to have breakfast, we couldn’t open the door fast enough! The smell of the pastries filled the room. The kids ordered berry and yogurt parfaits with orange juice, and I enjoyed biscuits and gravy. You can order all kinds of things aside from pastries — they’ve got soups, salads, sandwiches, and coffee, too.

The biscuits and gravy were so incredibly delicious that I didn’t even get a picture. I scarfed it down so fast, but not before Kennedy stole a few bites. That was her first time actually enjoying biscuits and gravy. My only regret, other than not grabbing a picture, was not ordering another to go. It was that good.

After eating, be sure to check out the local goods near the window. I got a lovely little glass teapot with blooming flower tea.

The Verdict

Audubon is definitely not the most boring town in Iowa. There is so much to do and see in the area — way more than my hometown of Tripoli. I’ll definitely be back.

Audubon, Iowa is more than Albert the Bull

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  1. Thanks for the great article of where I live. I see you’re from Triploi. My sister and husband are living there, Lida and Mike Olsen. He us the DNR manager at Sweet Marsh. Audubon is a great place to live!

  2. My granddaughter and great granddaughter live in Audubon. I travel from Hastings, MN at least once a month to visit. I really enjoy my visits. Homes for sale seem very affordable, might be a great place to live, or I might just be infatuated by small town living! Thanks for the postings!

    1. I travel through Hastings often! I typically fly out of MSP, which is a 3-hour drive for me. Have you ever checked out one of the figure 8 races? I look forward to going back to one! It was a lot of fun.

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