Avoid Getting Pulled Over During a Road Trip

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Many of us will be spending a lot of time on the roads this summer, perhaps road-tripping it, taking days out to the beach, or embarking on a much-dreamed of bucket list adventure. If you’re out and about on the highways and byways during this sunny and most glorious season, we hope you have a fantastic time.

How to avoid getting pulled over this summer!


Your summer plans will be quickly curtailed if you notice those flashing blue lights behind you while you’re driving, and that familiar sound of a police siren. Unless the idea of a police chase appeals to you (we wouldn’t recommend it), you will need to pull over and face the heat! Of course, you can save yourself the bother by following our tips.

Here’s how to avoid getting pulled over during your road trips this summer:

#1: Don’t fall into bad driving habits

We call all be guilty of a few bad driving habits, but when they put your life in danger, as well as the lives of others, you need to leave them at the curb. The police won’t be very happy if they catch you doing something you shouldn’t, and you might also find yourself on the wrong side of a car accident lawyer when compensation claims are made against you should you injure another road user.

So, despite the open roads ahead of you, don’t be tempted to put your foot down in contempt of any speed limits. If you’re tempted to use your phone, don’t. Invest in a hands-free kit for your car, so you don’t have to pick up your phone for any texts and calls. And if you’re attending any summer parties or barbecues this year, don’t then get into your car if you have had one too many to drink. Call an Uber and save yourself the expense of a police fine and a nasty accident.

#2: Sort out your road rage

We have all seen the scene in Falling Down when Michael Douglas loses the plot after becoming stuck in congested traffic, and you might too. When you’re stuck in traffic thanks to roadworks and highway closures, you might become more than a little heated with other drivers in line with the increasingly warmer temperatures. One angry word or finger gesture could be all it takes to provoke a battle on the roads, so despite the temptation to vent your fury, don’t! Avoid road rage, because you might well be the instigator of an accident if you let your anger get the better of you, and you don’t want that legal trouble.

#3: Make sure your car is road-worthy

This is something you should do all year round, as you might only end up breaking down if you don’t. However, under the heat of the summer sun, the increased temperatures can play havoc with your car, so not only will this put you at greater risk of an accident, but it might also cause the police to flag you down should they notice any problems with your car. And remember, we want to avoid getting pulled over!

So, before you set off on your travels this summer, take steps to protect your car. If you have any chips in your windshield, get your glass repaired because the smallest of cracks can spread under the burning heat of the sun. Check your tires too, because the heat can affect their rubber surfaces and potentially cause a blowout if they are underinflated.


Police chases are fun to watch from the comfort of your sofa when you’re watching a movie or a YouTube video, but they aren’t so fun when you’re caught up in one yourself. Take heed of our tips then, and while you probably can’t avoid the heat of the sun, you will be able to avoid ‘the heat,’ by which we mean the police! And share with your friends how to avoid getting pulled over, too!

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