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Always Expect the Unexpected

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This June will be my second Father’s Day without my dad. I often meet people who offer their condolences when the subject of parents are brought up. Many didn’t have the privilege of knowing this extraordinary man.

He sends me little reminders every now and again that he’s watching out for me. Nothing as miraculous as the time I was driving in the fog. My dad drove for Greyhound for over 23 years and taught me how to drive. His catch phrase was, “always expect the unexpected.” I would normally slap him on the arm and exclaim in childish excitement, “I bet you didn’t see THAT coming, did ya?!”

My dad had always been my alarm clock. Getting me up for school. I’d respond, “5 more minutes dad” about 10 times. Even when he wasn’t living with us, he would call to let me know the weather. He grew up on a farm and was always my favorite weatherman.

My Extraordinary Father

One morning as I was heading to work, it was very foggy. I thought of him telling me his famous “always expect the unexpected!” and I joked in my head “bet you didn’t see THAT coming, dad.” My, how I missed him. About 5-10 minutes later I was going under this overpass that had an electronic billboard on it that told us how many traffic deaths there were in Iowa that year. Every so often it would also have some witty little phrase about keeping buckled.


What did I see that morning? “Always expect the unexpected” right there on the sign! I gasped. I cried. I knew it was him watching out for me.

He had been on hospice for almost two years in our home, and we often talked about heaven and what it’d be like. I gave him permission to haunt me if he felt it necessary, or to send me little reminders he’s watching over me.

My dad was extraordinary. We fought like brother and sister, but loved just as hard, too. He needed me just as much as I needed him. I was his youngest of seven, and so naturally we were very close. I think about what he’s doing, and if he’s gotten to see the face of God. Or maybe he’s earned angel wings.

I am comforted in the fact that he is no longer hurting, and that his body is whole again. All because of the amazing grace of our Father.

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How does God’s love comfort you?


Kathy Haan


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