A Tale of Two Hungry Kiddos and Mud

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We have a new homestead! Well, we still have our same homestead but just bought 14 acres in the Missouri Ozarks. We took the kids there for spring break and got a rental SUV to help haul some stuff down there. The vehicle was stuffed to the brim with the kids, dogs, our stuff, and us!

Just before heading there, I went to get the mail and saw that my new Love With Food Snack Box had come in! It was in a bright red box–I was so excited! The only spot left in the vehicle to put the box was under the seat, so that’s where it went!

About halfway through our stay at our new homestead, we needed to go wash some cloth diapers in town. Christian was in his last diaper, and we figured that we would just eat breakfast in town while we waiting for the diapers to finish in the laundry. After all, it had rained all night and I didn’t really want to spend the time building a fire for breakfast.

Well. Let me tell you how poor planning that was! You see, our property has an easement through a valley that likes to get really wet when it rains. Rain and dirt makes mud. Right? Apparently, the rental SUV doesn’t like mud…and we get stuck.

Kirk is thrilled
Kirk is thrilled

I have AAA, but I had no idea how in the world I would tell them how to get to the property in the middle of the woods. After an hour, we decided to call our neighbor who said he would be down in a little bit.

Meanwhile, my pack of rabid wolves children were dying of hunger hungry. After all, it was getting to be about 10am and we hadn’t had breakfast yet! I remembered that I had my Love With Food Snack Box under the seat. Thank goodness. We were saved!

But, that also meant I had to share:(

I was excited to see what I got in the box!

image1 image2

This is why I love these boxes:


My kids loved everything except for the baked chips, which was surprising. My favorite were the almond butter cacao truffles by Two Moms.

Here’s how it works:

Lots of choices--all for a reasonable cost!
Lots of choices–all for a reasonable cost!


You can get yours here! Your first box is FREE – just pay $2 shipping. Yum!

Where is the lesson in this story? Always expect the unexpected and be prepared. Our neighbor got us out after a few more hours, and our bellies were happy.

These boxes fit nicely under the seat, or in your diaper bag, or stacked neatly in your cupboard. Either way, they won’t stay there long;)




P.S. This was a sponsored blog post, but my love for yummy, all-natural or organic foods is all my own!

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