23 Mom and Baby-Friendly Uses for Coconut Oil

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23 Mom and Baby Friendly Uses for Coconut Oil

Here are 23 Mom and Baby-Friendly Uses for Coconut Oil:

  1. Diaper rash cream that’s safe for cloth diapers (just apply to baby’s bottom!)

  2. Enrich and increase the milk supply for breastfeeding moms – consume 3 ½ tbs daily

  3. During pregnancy; helps prevent gestational diabetes, keeps kidneys functioning, keeps morning sickness in check, and protects mom from potentially threatening infections as well as boost her immunity, which is naturally weakened during pregnancy

  4. Helps shed baby weight because of the saturated fats and increases metabolic rate

  5. Nipple cream…because they can certainly take a beating while breastfeeding! Apply in-between nursing or pump sessions

  6. Helps mastitis – 4 tbs consumed daily provides an antibacterial effect because of acrylic acid

  7. Vaginal dryness, which is especially helpful during the postpartum period. Due to an increase in estrogen levels, women often suffer from vaginal dryness after delivery. Use internally and externally

  8. Massage oil for baby

  9. Massage oil for perineal massages

  10. Cradle Cap treatment – rub a tsp into baby’s scalp daily, brush with a fine baby brush. Okay to leave in or rinse out

  11. Barrier cream while meconium is still present – apply to baby’s bottom in-between diaper changes so that the meconium will wipe right off

  12. To help prevent stretchmarks

  13. Applied directly to the perineum to help aid in healing after delivery

  14. Use as a baby lotion

  15. Treat thrush by using on baby’s mouth and mom’s nipples

  16. Topical treatment for postpartum hemorrhoids

  17. Provides necessary fats for baby development when taken by pregnant mom (in addition to Fermented Cod Liver Oil– buy here)

  18. Age-appropriate anti-germ and anti-congestion treatment (recipe) for things like croup and colds

  19. Somoans have used coconut oil to help fortify the soft spot on baby’s head

  20. Lauric acid in the coconut oil helps baby acne

  21. Take a spoonful to help with heartburn

  22. Safe, natural baby wash/shampoo: equal parts liquid castille soap (buy here) and coconut oil

  23. Homemade baby wipes (recipe soon!)

You can also check out more of the benefits, uses, and science behind coconut oil here.

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