19 winter outdoor activities the entire family will love at idyllicpursuit.com

19 Winter Outdoor Activities the Entire Family Will Love

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Living in the Midwest for most of my life, I’ve come to understand that life doesn’t just stop when it’s snowing, or even if it’s 20 below. We’re supposed to get slammed with snow this weekend, but that won’t phase us. We don’t need to get cabin fever, and neither do you! Some of our favorite activities occur when it’s super cold and snowy outside! {note: be responsible. Take necessary precautions to keep everyone safe, happy, and healthy when playing in the cold!}

Get bundled up and enjoy the swing!
Dad Improvision Skill: A+
They couldn’t wait for me to get back from the store with new boots to play in the first snowfall of the year!

19 winter outdoor activities the entire family will love at idyllicpursuit.com

19 Winter Outdoor Activities Your Entire Family Will Love:

  1. Go caroling
  2. Build a snowman
  3. Go to the park or swing on the swing
  4. Make snow angels
  5. Get up early after a large snowfall and help shovel the neighborhood
  6. Ice skate {many places offer free ice skating and you just need to bring your own skates or rent them!}
  7. Have a photoshoot {seriously, have you seen the gorgeous shoots at tree farms?!}
  8. Sledding
  9. Nature walk {I’ll never forget when we went to the nature conservatory one winter and we saw a fox skating across a frozen pond!}
  10. Hunt for animal tracks in the snow
  11. Have a bonfire and roast some marshmallows to add to hot chocolate {seriously, so yummy!}
  12. After a large snowfall, go around the neighborhood with disposable cups of hot chocolate for your neighbors
  13. Make an igloo
  14. Cross-country skiing {make sure to follow all posted signs and watch for any advisories – when I was about 11, my family and I got lost on Mt. Hood for an entire day without food or water because a tree had knocked down a sign indicating that particular trail was closed. What was supposed to be a quick 15-minute jaunt could have killed us!}
  15. Hop in the outdoor hot tub
  16. Grill {I’m serious here. Your neighbors will think you’re crazy, but will also be secretly jealous}
  17. Hang popcorn strands on a tree for the birds
  18. Make designs in the snow with water and food coloring
  19. Play

You don’t have to do anything super fancy when spending time together as a family – just being present with each other in the fresh air is enough!

What are some of your favorite winter outdoor activities? I’d love to hear them below!

19 winter outdoor activities the entire family will love at idyllicpursuit.com

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