World's Largest Children's Museum

What It’s Like to Visit the World’s Largest Children’s Museum

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The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Driving up N. Meridian Street, our children spot an enormous dinosaur standing on its hind legs while poking its head into a large building. I’m looking for the parking garage, and think – “Oh, that’s got to be the Children’s Museum!” And I was right! The world’s largest children’s museum was just that – enormous.

The World's Largest Children's Museum

Vowing to get a closer look as soon as we park, I quickly find a spot in their free parking garage. It’s a chilly spring day, so we’re thrilled to make our way up to the skyway – greeted first by an enormous Egyptian statue before we ever leave the parking garage. This is going to be magical, I thought.

Buzzing with excitement, we’re half skip-walking through the skywalk and into the building. We wind our way down a ramp, marveling at the 17-ft tall Transformers statue centered in a gathering area where eager families wait for the museum to open. “Bumblebee!” my 5-year-old shouts. How does he even know who this is, I ponder. I don’t recall ever watching Transformers with him – perhaps he watched it while I was on a business trip.


The World's Largest Children's Museum

It’s Spring Break for Iowa, and we drove 7 hours to partner with the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. There were several other blogger families treated to a private tour by Kim Harms, who is the Director of Public & Media Relations.

She’s enthusiastic, and stops to turn towards the kids to gauge their reaction when telling a story about dinosaur bones. Later on, my 13-year-old confides in me that she really likes Kim – exclaiming that you can tell she really loves her job and is a great storyteller.

We spend two full days at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, and felt like we could have easily spent the entire week. Several times throughout our visit, we each said, “Gosh, I wish we lived closer!” and instead settled with making sure we visit on our way through to Ohio in June.

Here are some of our fave exhibits


The World's Largest Children's Museum

Our favorite part of the Dinosphere was getting to see a brand new species of dinosaur that they aptly named after one of my fave book Series.

The World's Largest Children's Museum
The World's Largest Children's Museum
Where else will they let you touch a real dinosaur bone?

Sports Legends Experience

This was easily a favorite for our entire family. I’m not much of a sports person, but there was something for everyone. On my first try I kicked a field goal, and hit every single ball while playing softball. It helped that they use plastic softballs, so I wasn’t afraid of getting hit!

The World's Largest Children's Museum
This giant tree is actually made out of concrete, and you can go inside to look at the entire Sports Legends Experience!
The World's Largest Children's Museum

Treasures of the Earth

The World's Largest Children's Museum
Terra Cotta Warriors – the kids had fun assembling and disassembling the warriors.
The World's Largest Children's Museum
What treasures will you uncover?

All Aboard

The World's Largest Children's Museum

American Pop

The World's Largest Children's Museum
Kennedy designing her dress

And one of Christian’s favorites…Paw Patrol!

The World's Largest Children's Museum - Paw Patrol Exhibit

Mission Jurassic

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is helping lead the future by digging up the past! They’re leading a project of scientists on a super cool mission!

Mission Jurassic is a $27.5 million project that will bring together more than 100 scientists from three countries to explore and excavate a fossil-rich dinosaur dig site in Wyoming, known as The Jurassic Mile. The site is a treasure trove of Jurassic fossil bones, trackways, and preserved plant life from millions of years ago, that will lead to never-before-told stories about the Jurassic Period. Mission Jurassic includes:

  • An expansion of Dinosphere that will bring Giants of the Jurassic to The Children’s Museum
  • An exciting dinosaur dig featuring Jurassic fossil bones, plants, trackways, and marine animals all in one place
  • An international partnership with world-class scientists

There’s a large part of me that has some serious FOMO – should I have been a paleontologist? For now, I’ll live vicariously through the team that TCM has assembled. I can’t wait to see what discoveries they’ll unearth.

What is your fave exhibit?

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  1. Oh, I’ve heard about this place! My best friend used to live in Michigan and would make the trip to Indianapolis with her kids. I’ll have to add it to the list! thank you!

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