The perfect airport style at

The Perfect Airport Style

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This year, I flew over thirty times. At the beginning of the year, I started out packing a ton of clothes. The more and more I traveled, the more frustrated I got with luggage getting lost, or having to take an hour out of my travel time to wait for my luggage to arrive.The perfect airport style at

I’d usually show up to the airport in yoga pants and a hoodie. However, I made a commitment to better myself this year, and started dressing nicely. I was treated differently, got free things (like coffee, private chauffeurs to the airport, waived fees, etc), and genuinely arrived feeling better because I put my best face forward.

My Airport Style

Your airport outfit doesn’t have to be uncomfortable to look nice. I will usually pair a nice fitted t-shirt with black slacks (in case there’s turbulence, stains won’t show!), a red cardigan, and my favorite Dreamfit bra. Depending on the weather, I’ll pair this outfit with wedges, sandals, or boat shoes.

And when you forgot your fave item…it sucks:(

I like the Dreamfit bra because they cater to well-endowed women like me. A few weeks ago I flew to Santa Monica and forgot my fave bra, and spent half a day searching for a bra my size (I still never found it!), so I had to BORROW one from a friend for my ball gown. Walmart carries Dreamfit bras, and I SO wish there was one near me that day!

It took me literally less than five minutes to find the exact bra I needed at Walmart and check out – the week of Christmas! This way, I’ll have a few extras on hand in case I run into that situation again.

Bra shopping at Walmart


OOTD Airport Style

What do you wear to the airport? Any non-negotiables? If I have a long-haul flight, I will usually pack slippers, an eye mask, and a big comfy sweater.

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