What I’ve learned After Overcoming Obesity and Losing 123lbs

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Here’s what I’ve learned after overcoming obesity and losing 123lbs:

  • There are NO shortcuts. No wraps, pills, magic beans or potions that will give you long-lasting results. You read that right. Nothing. It takes HARD WORK.
  • I’m going to be completely honest with you. It is really hard. It is hard to say no. I can tell you every single treat I ever turned down on my journey towards better health and fitness. But you know what? Being morbidly obese, saying no to your children when they ask to go to the park because you’re just too tired to get up off the couch, is so much harder. You deserve so much more than that! Obesity isn’t fun:(
  • People will try to sabotage your efforts. When I started losing weight, some people took it personally. What do you mean you don’t want to eat my lasagna? Now that you’ve lost all that weight you’re too good to come out for some drinks? It isn’t even about that.
  • It’s about making a lifestyle change. You eat, breath, sleep and live health and nutrition. Surround yourself with like-minded, positive people. Do you have toxic friends who constantly gossip and enable bad habits? Maybe it’s time to start tightening that circle.
  • My God, I feel so much better. I am not a workout junkie. I don’t always enjoy it. I probably never will–and that’s totally okay. But I will never regret a workout I finished. I love the way I feel when I’m done–it’s such a sense of accomplishment.

Your story is not over yet! Looking for help? Email me, and we’ll come up with a plan. You’ve got to be willing to work hard. Also, my help is not free, nor is it cheap. kathy (at) idyllicpursuit.com

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