4 of the Best Interior Decor Updates to Do for Your Home

4 of the Best Interior Décor Updates to Do for Your Home

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If you aren’t feeling ‘at home’ in your house these days, your living space may be in need of a re-do with some interior décor updates. If you don’t have the budget or the time to revamp your whole home—who does?—here are some ideas to inspire you to zero-in on the décor updates that will really count. 

The best interior décor updates you can do to your home
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Start with your living room

You may feel like none of the rooms in the house speak to you anymore, but tackling the whole home can be too overwhelming, and far too expensive, to achieve in one go. In most houses, the living room is the biggest space, so it’s a great place to start for your home update. Living rooms are so-called for a reason: we spend so much of our lives in there. For this reason, we sometimes don’t even notice when the décor no longer makes us feel inspired.

But redecorating the largest room in your home requires the most effort and the highest budget, right? Not necessarily. These tips will help you give your living room a fresh look and feel, without going the whole hog with a top-to-bottom re-do.

Replace your couch

When you don’t have the time or resources to overhaul your living room completely, it helps to update one or two things that will make a big impression. When you step into someone’s living room, one of the first things you notice is the couch. This much-used piece makes a big impression, not least because it is literally big. It’s also the centre of the living room in a sense, as it’s where you, your family, your guests—and maybe even your pet?—hang out. Replacing or updating your couch is a good way to get bang for your buck in terms of a partial renovation project.

The couch you choose will depend on your new sense of style. If you’re after a contemporary feel, a new couch might work, but if you’re feeling the retro vibes these days, consider a vintage piece. Eames chairs and tables offer loads of amazing vintage finds, or you could take a stroll to your nearest antique collector. 

The best interior décor updates you can do to your home
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Understand how you have changed

If you’re not feeling the décor in your home anymore, that’s probably because you’ve grown out of the style you favoured a few years ago. You’re older, wiser, and may have changed in significant ways.  Rather than feeling annoyed that your décor doesn’t look cool anymore, take the opportunity to celebrate this as a sign that you have grown as a person, and are starting to home your personal style. While you may have to make gradual changes to your home, take comfort in the fact that you’re working towards a space that is more “you” than it has ever been.

Don’t rush your interior décor updates

The important thing is not to rush into any design choices once you’ve ear-marked your living room for a redecorating project. Before you start ripping up carpets and replacing the curtains, spend some alone time in the space, getting a feel for what—if anything—still feels like a good fit with your personality, and what has to go. Think about who you are now as a person, and brainstorm ideas about how to inflect your new space with a more up-to-date sense of your personality.

If you’re bored with your home décor, don’t stop yourself from making changes because you’re overwhelmed by the prospect of a big redecorating mission. Work out what changes will make a big difference in your life, and tackle your décor one piece at a time. You’ll soon be feeling more at home, and you may even add value to your house while you’re at it!

The best interior décor updates you can do to your home

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