How to Transition Your Child to His Own Bed

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My little guy just turned four, and we’re ready for him to transition to his own bed. With his older sisters, I remember having a very difficult time trying to get them to sleep in their own beds. I nursed and co-slept with my son a lot longer than them, and because he also has sensory issues – I worried this would be more difficult.

We started preparing him for this transition by giving him some fun new monster truck sheets, tidying up his bedroom, and getting a bedtime routine in place. We also got a SleepBuddy for him, which came in fun little gift wrap. He was SO excited to open it! Inside was a children’s book that told the story of the SleepBuddy, stickers with a reward chart, a guide, and the SleepBuddy.How to transition your child to his own bed

A SleepBuddy is a glowing light that tells a child when it is okay to get out of bed. If the light is on – it’s time for sleep. If the light is off, he can get out of bed. You can program it for wake and sleep times, but also on-the-fly but turning it on manually. That came in handy for nap time! We keep ours the traditional blue color and plan on keeping it that way.

How to transition your child to his own bed

SleepBuddy is for children who are:

  • In the crib and moving to a bed within 1-2 months
  • Currently transitioning from crib to bed
  • Sleeping in a bed but not staying through the night
  • Co-sleepers ready for independence
  • On the autism spectrum and calmed by SleepBuddy™’s blue light

My son is actually eager to go to bed now – and has yet to get out of bed in the middle-of-the-night like he used to! It’s been really rewarding for everyone involved. He used to get really disoriented when he’d wake up in his room alone, and then start screaming out and crying. Now, he’s comforted!How to transition your child to his own bed

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