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How To Level Up And Overcome Challenges Along The Way

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Looking to level up in life & biz? Here are 5 tips for you from Tracy Nunez.

How To Level Up And Overcome Challenges Along The Way
Analog Collage “Leveling UP” by Tracy Nunez

As your desires begin manifesting themselves in your life, you will face a whole new level of challenges. The interesting thing to note is that these challenges are the main reason you can’t seem to attract what you want into your life in the first place. Somewhere deep down inside you know that leveling up will mean more exposure and more situations where you will be pushed to venture out of your comfort zone.

Due to this inner knowingness, you will create blocks in your path preventing you from receiving what you desire. It’s not always a fear of failure that can cause blocks, it’s also the fear of what success might bring and how it will ask you to show up that closes down your flow of manifestation. We unknowingly or knowingly choose to play small to remain comfortable.

If you do begin to level up, the Universe will test you in a variety of ways that you will feel deep in your core. Self-doubt will pour in and have you feeling depressed and inadequate even as you’re gaining the notoriety you have longed for. Below are some suggestions to help you feel comfortable with this process.


The first thing that will help you to continue to show up and grow to new levels is just becoming aware that these challenges are all part of your growth and are normal to this experience. This will instantly help you to relax when faced with adversity. From the relaxed state of awareness, you can respond instead of react to what you need to overcome in each moment.


Taking one small action step in the direction of your dreams will also help you to have a feeling of productivity. This is signaling to the universe that you are up for the challenge and ready to make a move to be a co-creator of living your life on a bigger stage. This tool is so useful because when the blocks come up it is easy to get discouraged and give up and stay stuck. If we can just let go of the idea of needing to do and to fix everything and replace that thinking with small action steps we continue to have forward momentum.


Expect to have hurdles on your way toward your goals. These come up sometimes to test just how much you want that thing you are intending for yourself. Each time they come up say to yourself, “I will not let this stop me. My will is being tested.” These hurdles can include unexpected expenses, technical issues, feeling fatigued as well as emotional patterns that arise in these moments that need to be cleared. Stand fearlessly and know you are leveling up. This will actually allow you to see your hurdles as the blessings that they are. They are all specifically designed for your soul’s unique growth.


You will begin to understand that you need the support of others along your path. We often think we should be able to do everything on our own. Learn and get comfortable with asking for help. Here you are practicing vulnerability. Vulnerability will open you up and help you attract the right audience and people you need to do your work faster. We start to understand that in order to play big, we need to utilize our talents in certain areas and enlist the help of experts in the places where we are not as strong.

This is not a sign of weakness. In fact, when you really understand how miracles work, you will see that blessings come through others. Don’t take away opportunity for another person to get to feel in service by blessing you with their expertise and gifts. As you level up, you will also become a blessing for others in this way too. To truly let your work shine, you should have the help of others to ensure you are putting out the best possible product instead of being subpar in an area you fudged your way through because your ego was too proud to ask for help. Even worse would be allowing that same block to stop your forward momentum completely.

How To Level Up And Overcome Challenges Along The Way at Idyllic Pursuit


To truly level up you must honor each part of the journey. When you’re experiencing difficulty, see and know it as that which is shaping you to be the best version of yourself. The more you can show up in gratitude the more you will attract things to be grateful for. Do not give yourself the idea that you will be happy when you get ABC. If you do that, you will always be waiting and when the ABC thing comes, you will then be waiting for XYZ to fulfill you. Instead, I invite you to play big. Honor your process and celebrate every success and challenge you encounter along the way! This is true leveling up. Start living and don’t wait. Enjoy the space between where you are now and where you hope to grow.

How To Level Up And Overcome Challenges Along The Way at Idyllic Pursuit
Guest blogger Tracy Nunez, Spiritual Art Teacher and Coach. How To Level Up And Overcome Challenges Along The Way
Guest Blogger: Tracy Nunez
Spiritual Art Teacher/Coach

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How To Level Up And Overcome Challenges Along The Way at Idyllic Pursuit

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