how to find cheap last minute flights

How To Find Cheap Last Minute Flights

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How To Find Cheap Last Minute Flights

My elderly father spent almost two years on hospice in our home before he passed away. During that period, he had a heart attack. I called all of my siblings, who are spread all over North America and let him know that his prognosis wasn’t looking too good. Fortunately, he held on a bit longer than we anticipated.

However, after he had another heart attack, my sister who lives furthest away needed to book a last-minute flight to see him while he was in Rochester at world-renowned St. Mary’s hospital. While he was getting care from the world’s best doctors (Mayo), having his children close by was really important.

How To Find Cheap Last Minute Flights
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The problem was that last minute flights are very expensive, particularly when you’re already on a really tight budget. Living in the middle-of-nowhere, Iowa, we have the luxury of getting to choose from several different airports since none are very close to us anyway. Still, flights were over a thousand dollars since it was so last-minute.

My sister stumbled upon CheapOAir while searching for an affordable flight, and we were able to find a last-minute flight for just $544.89. This was almost half of what all of the other flights were. She didn’t get in at a crazy hour, either. Since CheapOAir specializes in flights specifically, compared to other travel deal sites who focus on accommodations, they’re the 2nd largest seller of airline tickets in the USA.

How can CheapOAir find such cheap flights? Most flight search engines make you stick with the same airline for your entire ticket, which can significantly increase costs. CheapOAir uses what’s called Fusion Fares technology, which allows it to search across multiple airlines, resulting in a lower cost per ticket. This means that if a deal is found for United Airlines for your flight there, it might find an even cheaper airline ticket for your flight back, such as American Airlines.

How To Find Cheap Last Minute Flights

Another really cool feature of CheapOAir is its agent travel specialists. Just pick up the phone, explain what you’re looking for, and one of its thousands of travel specialists will get to work for you. You’ll even get special “phone only” deals, which are deals so low that airlines don’t allow them to advertise them online. It’s exactly how to find cheap last minute flights!

While I love to travel in luxury, it’s smart to be cheap. I traveled to 21 countries in just 18 months by stretching my travel dollars further. You can do this, too, by using CheapOAir. Get started today.

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