How to Create Beautiful Graphics

How to Create Beautiful Graphics

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I create beautiful graphics every single day, whether it’s for my coaching business, my blog, social media, birthday invites, etc. While I am quite proficient with photoshop, sometimes it’s so much easier to use templates to create just what I want. Gone are the days of using MS Paint.

How to Create Beautiful Graphics

Here is a video tutorial I created for you so that you can learn how to use Canva, my favorite online program for creating beautiful graphics. While I do have the pro version, you can pretty much do anything without the pro version. I like the pro version because it can save my colors, fonts, and unlocks certain graphics.

I hope that you find this useful!

One of my favorite features of the pro version Canva is the ability to magically resize my graphics depending on their uses. For example, the first photo in this blog post is the “blog title” size. I hit “resize” and was able to create this graphic just for Pinterest:

How to Create Beautiful Graphics

Another option I recently discovered was Design Wizard. The thing I really like is that they have VIDEOS (I’m always on the hunt for stock videos!). I threw this little thing together in 2 minutes:

I’m still playing around with it a bit, but video has definitely caught my eye! It cost me $4.99 to download this, which is way better than typical stock clips that are usually at least $50!

What program do you use?



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