Friends—How To Host The Perfect Night In

How To Host The Perfect Night In

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Host the perfect night in—Everyone loves a good night out, but when it comes to it, tightening the budget and having a night in can often be just the ticket you need to have fun while saving some money. No matter where you are in the world, you need to consider what would make a perfect night for you and your friends. There are always elements that come together for a night in that people will rave about, and hosting your own night in should have all of those. Don’t worry; we’re getting to that in a moment.

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Never knock a night in – they’re just as much fun as going to bars and this way, you can be as selective as you like about your guest list. With all of this in mind, here are some exciting tips for being the host with the most for your perfect night in.

1. Get Organized for the Perfect Night In

How To Host The Perfect Night In
Plan ahead!

Your night in has to make everyone feel comfortable and satisfied. Planning ahead can make this happen. If you’re turning this into a sleepover, make sure that you have enough airbeds and sleeping bags. If you’re just having a night in, then you need to think about having enough dinner plates, cutlery, and glasses for all of your guests. You want to make sure you plan the right everything: music, drinks, food, games, entertainment – the lists is endless. However, with the right notepad and pen, at least you can follow that list to the letter!

2. Get Help Hosting the Perfect Night In

You may be the host of this big night in, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do it all alone. So, get your friends involved. Get them to bring the accompaniments to the meal or the dessert. Get them to bring in the movie snacks and bottles of wine. You can do you prep in the day, but rope in your best friend to help you to hand out the crudites and pour the drinks. It’s always more fun to have someone over to help you do it.

3. Pay Attention to Details

There are so many ways to make a night in something exciting. Freeze berries into ice cubes for the soft drinks, and even the not-so-soft drinks. Fold the napkins into swans with this handy YouTube video. Anything you can do to show off a bit – do it!

4. Make or Order-In Great Food

This is your shot at cooking something amazing for your friends. You can show off with the famous grilled chicken wings recipe you have been making for yourself, and you can make sure that there are nibbles around for people to snack on while they wait. These recipes make for some excellent pre-dinner bites to have with drinks.

5. Play Great Music

Lastly, you want a playlist that suits the theme of the night, the food you’re serving and to hold the background of the conversations flowing through the room. It should appeal to all without overpowering the chatter.

Your perfect night in is just a conversation away – what are you waiting for – it’s time to get booking!

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