Why You Should Consider Hiring a Doula

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I just had my 32-week prenatal appointment with my doula, Kaity. A doula is someone who is trained to assist women during childbirth. She doesn’t provide any medical care, just the emotional care that I need. My doula is also trained in Spinning Babies (Spinningbabies.com), and essential oils.

Why hire a doula?

Worldwide clinical studies have shown that the presence of a birth doula commonly results in:

  • Parents feeling more supported

  • Shorter labors

  • Decrease in cesarean births

  • Fewer forceps and vacuum extraction births

  • Fewer interventions (less Pitocin, less medication)

  • Increase well-being for baby (less NICU)

  • Increase breastfeeding success

  • Better bonding

  • Moms are less likely to suffer from postpartum depression and are happier with their birth experience

I really wish I had a doula with my other labors. Being so young with my first, I really didn’t know what options were available to me. I got to the hospital at 6cm and was in labor there for 16 hours and pushed three hours. I was such a wreck!!

…What about hubby?

So you’re probably wondering where my husband fits into this equation? He’s going to be there right with me in the birthing pool ready to catch the baby {read my birth story here and find out that no one caught baby – no one even knew I pushed!}. Bless his heart, but he doesn’t handle stressful situations very well. My doula will be there to help guide him and support him, too!

What kind of support did you have during birth? What could have made your last birthing experience better?

I pray that this finds you all well!


Kathy Haan

**update** You can read about my home birth experience here, and how my doula really helped give me the birth I had always wanted. It was such a healing birth for me!

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