The Best 5 Places to Visit in Louisiana

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For your next vacation, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to take a trip to Louisiana. Some might overlook the state of Louisiana, but it has more than enough to offer visitors. Louisiana has played an important role throughout most of America’s history. In addition to its long past, there are also diverse cultures throughout the state. These varying cultures have led to unique art, food, and some of the most famous architecture in the country. 

Here’s our pick for the best places to visit in Louisiana:

The French Quarter

5 of the best places to visit in Louisiana

For most, the French Quarter of New Orleans is the most recognizable area of the state, and it’s the oldest neighborhood in the city. This is also why it’s one of the most visited destinations in Louisiana. The area is home to the famous Bourbon Street and St. Louis Cathedral. Bourbon Street is also where the Mardi Gras festivities take place.

In the French Quarter, you can find amazing restaurants, music, and dancing. Just a few of the most popular foods in the area are gumbo and beignets–like the ones you’ll find at Cafe Du Monde. If you can go to only one place in Louisiana, the French Quarter has some of the most attractions to offer. The french quarter has an eclectic mix of architectural styles, Toronto homes for sale also has a wide range of varying styles. 

The Cabildo

Located in the French Quarter is one of the most popular museums in the state. This is the perfect place to learn more about the history of New Orleans and Louisiana. Many of the permanent and changing exhibits at the museum focuses on the people and events that have made an impact on the state. Some of the themes of these exhibits include the remembrance of several hurricanes, Mardi Gras, and jazz musicians.  Aside from the exhibits, the building itself is a sight to see. The Spanish Baroque building was built for the Spanish government in 1795. 

Oak Alley Plantation

5 of the best places to visit in Louisiana

Located not too far from New Orleans is the Oak Alley Plantation. Oak Alley is one of the few surviving plantation homes remaining in the area and has been beautifully restored to take visitors back in time. The home’s exterior and pathway lined with oak trees are famous for being the setting of multiple films. Not only can you dine at the mansion, but you can also stay overnight. 

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

This site might scare some people away. While you might not know the landmark right away, you would certainly recognize it in pictures. Lake Pontchartrain is the longest bridge covering continuous water in the world. Fully completed in 1969, the bridge is over 23 miles long. While driving over such a long bridge can be nerve-wracking, it’s one engineering feat that you don’t want to miss. 

Louisiana’s Old State Capitol 

5 of the best places to visit in Louisiana

To learn more about Louisiana’s history, visit Louisiana’s Old State Capitol, which overlooks the Mississippi River. While the museum is largely intended to educate visitors on the states political past, it covers much more than that. The building originally housed the Louisiana State Legislature and now serves as a museum of the state’s history. There are even rumors of a ghost haunting the premises.   

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5 of the best places to visit in Louisiana

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