A Warrior’s Faith

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I am almost done with my pre-requisites for my PhD in Theology and Apologetics. Seminary grad school is WAY harder than I ever imagined it would be. This term I am writing a research paper on theodicy and the Book of Job. Theodicy in its simple form answers, “Why does God let bad things happen to good people?” The Book of Job is probably one of the greatest and most famous illustrations of that very thing–Job was an honorable man in the sight of God. He had lived a good life–so good, in fact, that Satan took notice and accused God of favoring Job, and that Job was so faithful because of it.

God decided to prove Satan wrong. Job lost his wife and children and was afflicted with unsightly illnesses. He had been stripped from everything. His friends asked him to renounce his faith. And still–he pressed on. He kept the faith. And for this, he was rewarded beyond his wildest imagination–he had way more than he had had before and had more children.

Many of you have probably heard the story of Ryan Job (the irony does not allude me). Ryan Job was a Navy SEAL who was seriously injured in Iraq after being shot in the face by an enemy sniper on a rooftop. He was wounded and made permanently blind from these injuries.

The book, A Warrior’s Faith, was written by a friend of Job, Robert Vera, in his honor. In an undisclosed medical accident, Job died after facial reconstruction surgery. When he died, his wife was three months pregnant and would later deliver a girl.

This book wasn’t about the loss of his life, however. It was about so much more than that. It was a story about how despite the unimaginable tragedies that happened in his life, he was able to keep the faith. Ryan had gone on to get married, earn a degree, and learn to hunt while being permanently disabled and blind. He didn’t let anything stop him.

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