5 Back-to-School Activities for Families at idyllicpursuit.com

5 Back-to-School Activities for Families

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5 Back-to-School Activities for Families

There’s just something so nostalgic about the smell of leaves, #2 pencils, and pumpkin spice permeating through the house. All these scents mean it’s fall – and the kids are back in school! Going back to school each fall was something I looked forward to as a kid. For me, it was always a chance for a clean slate. A chance to do and be more each year (I was pretty competitive).

As a parent though, there’s a sense of longing when school starts again. Time seems to slip right through my fingers. The older my kids get, the more activities they’re involved in. The smarter they get. The less they seem to need me.

Oh, how that part of me aches.

I make a conscious effort to be more present with my kids – helping them grow, learn, and be nurtured. I’m sharing with you five of my favorite back-to-school activities just for families like yours and mine.

5 Back-to-School Activities for Families at idyllicpursuit.com
1. Hiking – I live in the middle-of-nowhere, Iowa, and have tons of hiking spots within a short drive of me! We usually bring our dogs with. Nessie, our Great Pyrenees, pulls me up the hills (thanks, girl), while my husband wears our youngest and sometimes, our Yorkie, Prince. I pack water and snacks for the whole family. A family favorite is Pepperidge Farm Goldfish® crackers! Just toss them in a plastic bag and snack on the go!
2. Volunteering – I’ve been an avid volunteer for many organizations since I was very little, and now, I pass it along to my children. You could help build a book nook for your town, clean up the city park, or go to the food bank and restock shelves.
3. Family game night – another favorite of ours! Family game night can be anything from board games to trying to figure out what word we’ve spelled with our food (like Goldfish® crackers), and everything in-between. We like to keep a running tally for the first half of the school year – parents vs children. Whoever wins gets to pick our spring break vacation destination! Last year, we went to Maui. The year before was Orlando + all the theme parks. I’m hoping for SE Asia this year! We also hold a competition to see who picks our summer vacation destination. Where would you choose?
4. Bonfires – is there anything better than a bonfire on a cool fall night?! S’mores are optional, but highly encouraged.
5. Pumpkin patch – pack a thermos full of cider or hot chocolate (or both), go pick out some pumpkins, and go on a hayride!5 Back-to-School Activities for Families at idyllicpursuit.com

What fall activities does your family love?

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