15 Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas

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Ever since watching my first episode of Fixer Upper, I’ve been obsessed with all things farmhouse. There is something so simple yet elegant about farmhouse decor! As the winter months are growing closer, I have started to think about how I’m going to decorate my home for winter. Most importantly, how I’m going to be decorating for Christmas!Farmhouse Christmas Decor

There are so many great farmhouse Christmas decor ideas out there that finding the right thing can be a little overwhelming. I got you, boo! This is why I put together a list of 15 beautiful farmhouse Christmas decor ideas to help make it easier! All you have to do is use this list to help create a farmhouse themed winter wonderland!

 15 Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas

  1. Rustic Chalkboard Printable
  2. Farmhouse Christmas Mantel
  3. Simple Farmhouse Entryway Table
  4. Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen
  5. Painted Pinecones and Cork Decoration
  6. Winter Porch Pot
  7. Rustic Advent Calendar
  8. Farmhouse Christmas Sign
  9. Rustic Snowmen
  10. Farmhouse Christmas Greenery Decor
  11. Easy Christmas Wreath
  12. Christmas Trees Shiplap Sign
  13. Modern Farmhouse Christmas Dining Room
  14. Rustic Christmas Trees
  15. DIY Christmas Sign


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15 farmhouse christmas decor ideas

2 thoughts on “15 Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas”

  1. William Holly

    WOW, Thais is a really beautiful Christmas home decor idea. I like your tip. Your tips are very helpful for Christmas home decor. Thank you for share such beautiful information.

  2. Hey Kathy, you’re getting me excited for christmas, and the way it seems so far away. I’ll be sure to check out the pine cone painting idea. Thank you, and keep being awesome.

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