Checking voltage on an electrical outlet. House Renovation Stress: How to Conquer It

House Renovation Stress: How to Conquer It

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Let’s talk about house renovation stress. Do you have big renovation plans for your home? Remodeling your house has the potential to be an exciting period, but it can cause stress when other parts of your life must continue as normal regardless of the construction noise, endless dust, and builders coming and going.

Unless you intend on taking up residence with the in-laws, you are probably going to remain in the house while the work is done. If so, these tips will help you keep calm and carry on renovating. 

Dealing with house renovation stress? Here is how to maintain some bliss!
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1. Set Aside Alternative Space

You will want to set aside an alternate living space within the home. It’s one of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to major home renovations. This way, work gets done outside of the hustle and bustle of the home.

Let’s say that you’re renovating your kitchen. You’re going to annoy the builder by continually stepping through the construction area several times a day to get something out the fridge. Rather, set up a small and simple mini version of your kitchen in another room. Preferably this will be outside of the house—such as in a garage or outbuilding. You don’t need much to suffice. You can use a toaster, mini oven, mini fridge, and a microwave.

If your bedroom is getting a facelift, it could be worth moving your clothing into a spare room or office. This allows you quick and easy access when you need to get dressed for work. Also, there is nothing worse than construction dust getting into your clothes! Best to keep them well away.

2. Pack Away Clutter to reduce house renovation stress

Having your possessions heaped around the place while work is going on is one of the main causes of anxiety reported by homeowners in the process of renovation. If your house is undergoing a full-on renovation, it will be totally worth your while to pack as many of your possessions into boxes as possible.

Pretend you’re moving house, as you totally clear the area where the work is going to be carried out. Wrap and stow your precious items such as ornaments and other decorative pieces, as they risk being broken or covered with dust otherwise.

If you don’t have extra loft or basement storage space in your home, you may want to look into solutions like these self storage options to keep your boxes out of the way during your renovation project. When your home is a building site, large storage boxes will get under everybody’s feet and delay the process.

3. Designate a Construction Zone

If your house is under the hammer, you might like to designate an area of your home as a work zone. As your health and safety is your builder’s main concern, you will make their life easier by keeping your family and pets well out of their way at all times. Erect tape, or put up notices to remind yourself and your guests that this area is out of bounds.

Whether you’re fixing up your home office or doing a total overhaul of your kitchen, a home renovation period can be highly stressful if you’re living at home. These tips will help you retain your sanity.

Dealing with house renovation stress? Here is how to maintain some bliss!

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