The Best Apps for Party Entertainment

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The Best Apps for Party Entertainment

With millions of apps available these days to help you with just about anything and everything, it’s no surprise that you’ll find plenty assist you in throwing a great party, including apps that can help ensure the entertainment is something that your guests will remember and smile when they think back on the event.


Hiring a DJ and/or an MC is the usually the best entertainment choice for all types of parties, especially if you want to encourage dancing, and you can even book DJs directly through the Special Guest app with a wide range of talent available. There’s no need to go through an agent, something that’s likely to increase the cost significantly, or spend hours and hours of time endlessly searching online. For example, Los Angeles, California’ Josh One, a producer that has three chart topping albums under his belt, will can definitely help get the party going and can come right to your event. Or, perhaps your guests will want to do some two-steppin’ – if that’s the case, you’ll find an excellent country DJ, “DJ Coral, who’s performed at festivals all over Southern California.

An experienced DJ typically costs between $1,000 and $2,500, and while that’s a whole lot less than you’d probably pay to book a great band or singer, if you simply can’t afford to hire a professional, you’ve still got options like Party Mixer. Party Mixer is an app that lets you create your own playlist, mix and fade songs, and change the pitch and tempo. If you don’t have the time to create a playlist and mix the songs yourself, you can even choose “Auto DJ” and the app will do the work for you.

Hire a Professional Entertainer

The Best Apps for Party Entertainment

Special Guest, an app created by Damon Wayans, Jr. and Kris Jones, is also a great way to find and book live professional entertainers. You can find any type of entertainment, from actors and comedians to musicians, bands, dancers, circus acts and more. You can search for talent and book all from your smartphone using this app.

Party Planning

The Best Apps for Party Entertainment

Before you book the entertainment, you must book the venue, send invitations, create a budget, and so much more. Planning a party or large event can be a daunting task since there are so many steps involved. Evite is arguably the very best app for creating invitations and sending them to out to your guests. You can do so via email, Facebook, or even text. It also lets you request potluck items, add your registry, and send reminders to guests.

Zenu App allows you to easily search for and book well-known venues if you’re planning a big party and need a space larger than your home or what your company can provide. While there are some subscription fees, it is free to download and check out. If you plan events often or if you book corporate events, this app may be ideal for you. Yet another option is the Pro Party Planning app which can help you track your budget, create seating charts, set reminders, and even view your party in an augmented reality.

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