In awe of all she’s accomplished and overcome, Selena Soo describes Kathy Haan, MBA as amazing and a visionary entrepreneur. Kathy’s mission is to help women realize their fullest potential – in both business and in life. As an international success and business mentor, author, and public speaker, she helps women all over the world create coaching businesses far bigger than their dreams. She took 2nd place in The Pitch, contributed to the Huffington Post, was a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, Vogue Influencer Network, and works with some of the largest brands in the world as a blogger. She is also a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, and Reiki Master Practitioner

She also founded Turning Coaches into Millionaires Radio.

She has an MBA from Purdue University Global, graduating with a 3.92 GPA, Alpha Beta Kappa, and is a former Seminarian. She’s been a coach for 10 years, and volunteers extensively in her community. One of her greatest passions is her ministry helping women from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in business so that they may establish safe, happy, and healthy lives in the United States. In 2020, she was the Honoree, Victress, and SHERO of the Year at the Be a SHERO Foundation’s annual red carpet gala.

Kathy resides in Iowa with her husband, three children, and two Great Pyrenees.

“The secret to telling a great story is living one.” – Kathy Haan


  • How to create a life by design, rather than a life by default
  • Being the breadwinner in a house of five
  • Dealing with depression and anxiety as a business owner
  • Balancing business while being a wife and mom
  • It’s okay to be religious and want to make a lot of money
  • Speaking your client’s personality type
  • Speaking to an audience made up of many different personality types
  • Being a digital nomad
  • How your money mindset is keeping you broke
  • Why you shouldn’t start out blogging for profit, and what you should do instead
  • Traveling the world and knocking out your bucket list
  • How this former broke financial advisor went on to make $40k+ months
  • Why you shouldn’t be a solopreneur
  • How meditation and visualization alone will keep you broke
  • How to go from trauma to triumph, even when you get triggered
  • How to make money as a coach, even if you’re brand new
  • What to look for in a mentor, and why you should hire one
  • Why you need to get vulnerable to make money in business

Other Topics

  •  Money mindset
  • Millennials and money
  • Perfectionism
  • Fear of missing out (FOMO)
  • Competition
  • Mental health, PTSD, abuse
  • Coaching, entrepreneurship, business building
  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • Travel
  • Religion
  • Storytelling
  • Winning an affiliate contest with a small list

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